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38 Weeks

At 38 Weeks, baby is now ready to make their entrance into the world, and I’m sure mama is more than ready to meet him or her! 

If your baby does not arrive this week, do not be discouraged! He or she simply isn’t ready! Rest up this week and take some time with your partner while it is still just the two of you!

baby growth week by week

Baby In Action at 38 Weeks

At 38 weeks, baby’s lungs are developed and his or her vocal cords are ready to make some noise!

Baby is still shedding lanugo and vernix, the substances that will make up their first dirty diaper you will change (Yay!). 

There are still many important changes happening with baby, including brain development and weight gain. 

baby growth week by week

Baby Size at 38 Weeks

Baby is now averaging 7 lbs and 19-20 inches long. Baby is the size of a leek. 

pregnancy symptoms week by week

Your Body at 38 Weeks

 Here are a few symptoms women most commonly experience during 36 weeks of pregnancy:

Pelvic Pressure: This happens as a result of baby “dropping”

Swelling: Kick your feet up and rest as much as you can to reduce swelling. Adding lemon to your water will help as well. If the swelling becomes concerning, reach out to your OB. 

Trouble Sleeping: A few tips to get better sleep at 38 weeks: turn down the temp to 68-70 degrees, use lavender essential oils and try tampering off on you fluid intake a few hours before bed to prevent constant trips to the bathroom. 

False Labor: Watch out for signs that is isn’t quite time. Read more on that signs here. 

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