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4 weeks pregnant symptoms

Congratulations! You are Pregnant!

If you are reading this at 4 weeks pregnant, you have found out the big news very early on in your journey to grow a baby. Chances are, you are over-the-moon excited and ready to read up on all that will come over the next 36 weeks. We’ve broken down what you can expect, week-by-week.

Baby In Action at 4 Weeks

Here’s what is happening with baby this week: The ball of cells that make up baby are continuing to divide. Your placenta has started to form and is releasing the hCG hormone (that’s the hormone that pregnancy test detect to give you a positive). Baby’s neuro tube has also formed and will slowly begin to turn into his or her spine and brain.

Baby Size at 4 Weeks

At 4 weeks, your baby is itty-bitty, coming in at about 0.078 inches in length. Your baby is about the size of a poppy seed. Can you believe that little poppy seed will soon be a living, breathing tiny human? AMAZING!

Your Body at 4 Weeks

Chances are, you may begin experiencing some milk pregnancy symptoms soon. Here are some of the earliest signs of pregnancy:

Sore Breast– You are going to hear this alot over the next 36 weeks- but it’s all thanks to those hormones!

Bloating: Some woman report that their bloating calms down around 12 weeks

Fatigue: This will continue through pregnancy and well into the years after your baby is born 🙂

Lower Back Pain: Don’t worry- this may fade a bit in the second trimester, but will return as baby get’s larger. Rest as much as you can to help. This article has some great ways you can get relief. 

Products We Recommend at 4 Weeks

Prenatal Vitamin– According to, your prenatal vitamin should contain at least 400 mg of folic acid. This prenatal is a great option and all the right nutrients.

Reusable Water Bottle– h2o is SO important while growing a baby! Start making a habit of drinking more water!

Anti-nausea supplies: for some, nausea starts as early as four weeks. For others, it comes around 7-8 weeks. Some lucky mamas have no nausea at all! But you may want to be prepared and stock up. We love Pink Stork Anti-nausea tea and Preggy Pops!

4 Week To-Do-List

-Find an OB. Do your research. Reach our to friends and family who may have recommendations. If you would like to call and make your first appointment, go for it! But just know that they will likely schedule for around 8-9 weeks gestation. Baby will be too small prior to that to make her big debut on the ultrasound screen.

-If you plan to continue your workout regimen while pregnant (which is totally okay!) be sure to read up on the best exercises to help you prepare for labor and delivery!

-Tell your partner the BIG NEWS!


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