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Six Ways to eliminate lower back pain during pregnancy

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When dealing with the myriad of complexities that are involved in pregnancy, alleviating any and all adverse effects can help to drastically improve the mental and emotional outlook, as well as overall wellness. Lower back pain is a common physical ailment for pregnant women, and it can have a dramatic effect on the happiness and lifestyle of expectant mothers. Below, we’ll give you a variety of solutions to get rid of lower back pain quickly.

Stretches for Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Eliminating Low Back Pain During Pregnancy 1Stretching is a great way to relieve your lower back pain. It is simple and easy to do at home, and of course cost-effective. In fact, there are prenatal yoga classes offered for expectant moms. We should note here, however, that before attempting any stretching or exercise routines, consult with your physician; they may recommend avoiding exercise while you are expecting.

If you do get the all-clear, here are some active stretches for finding relief from pain in the lower back:

The “Mermaid” Pose

Sit comfortably on the floor, but tall, and place both knees together and bend them to the right side. Make sure your heels are close to your buttocks. Hold your left ankle with the left hand, then extend your right arm overhead. Take a deep breath, then exhale, moving your extended arm up and over to the left side.

With your left hand, hold your left ankle for support as your right hand extends overhead. Inhale, then exhale and reach up and over to the left side. Inhale again, holding the stretch for a few seconds. Exhale, and move upright. We recommend doing a few repetitions of this, then switching to the other side, where you reverse bodily positions.

Arm/Leg Raises

Kneel on hands and knees while keeping the spinal column as straight as possible. Lift your left arm and right leg so that they form an even line with your spine. Pause for a few seconds–remember to breathe in and out too–and then lower your limbs. After a few repetitions, move to the alternate side.

Natural and Herbal Solutions


There is some evidence that using acupuncture techniques can lessen both lower back pain and pelvic pain for moms-to-be. It is theorized by the experts that using the needles relieves certain pressures built up in the nerves.


If you’re experiencing lower back pain, tightness may be one cause. A warm bath may help to relieve the stress and loosen the muscles. Consider adding a few drops of essential oils as well.
You can also lay a warm compress on your lower back afterward if you’re still experiencing stiffness. We don’t recommend the bath be hot, however.

Herbs and Oils

Some moms report success in the use of arnica oil treatments as well.
Lastly, while certain experts often cite devil’s root as an effective herbal treatment, we would advise a cautious approach; there’s not yet a lot of evidence out there for the effective treatment of lower back pain with this. We recommend consulting with a medical herbalist for more guidance.

Tape Support

Eliminating Low Back Pain During PregnancyIf you in need of lower belly and back support, try using kinesiology tape for a little added support. To do this, use two strips of tape and possibly someone’s help to pull the tape to the proper tension. Using one strip, attach one end of the tape to one side of your lower back and firmly stretch it across, attaching the strip on the other side of your lower back. With the second strip, stretch only the middle section of the tape by pulling at both ends, attach the middle part of the tape first to your lower abdomen. Then, firmly pull each side upward to secure, as though you are “lifting” up your belly. The added support with this approach should help alleviate discomfort almost immediately. For additional lower back support you can add two additional strips from the center of your lower back leading up on either side of your spine.

Causes of Lower Back Pain and Whether They Should Concern You

Lower back pain is often typical in this situation simply because of the various physiological changes to the body. Some of the most common contributors are:

  • Increased Hormonal Production
  • Extra Weight Around the Abdomen
  • Strain on Posture

These effects are perfectly natural, and there is usually no cause for concern. However, there are some major symptoms that could point to more severe problems. Check to see if you are also suffering from:

  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • A Long-Term Fever
  • General Achiness Throughout the Body
  • Numbness

These may be the result of more serious issues; you should consult a qualified physician to get a proper diagnosis and possible treatment options.

Lower back pain is a fact of life for nearly half of all expectant mothers, but there are several easy ways to deal with it quickly and get back to business, including stretching routines, natural remedies, and home fixes. In rare cases, the pain may be accompanied by more serious symptoms, at which point it is wise to consult your doctor.

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