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Baby Hacks every mom should know!

Newborn Hacks to Make Mom Life Easier

Life with a new baby is beautiful, but it isn’t exactly a walk in the park. And I’ve come to appreciate every little tip and trick that comes my way from fellow mamas. While none of these hacks are guaranteed to help you get more sleep while at home with baby, they can make things a little bit easier.

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Here we go: my favorite mom hacks!

A zipper sleeper is always my preference! Buttons take too much time and can be difficult to do in the middle of the night during diaper changes. The only thing that trumps a zipper sleeper is a magnetic sleeper!

Zip up sleeper versus button up- Mom Hacks every new mom should know to make life with littles easier!

Time to size up on diapers? Those blue lines on the font of the diaper tell you where the tabs should fasten. If they don’t reach that line, it means baby is ready for the next size diaper!

Speaking of lines on diapers. The yellow line on the front of a Pampers swaddler changes to blue when baby has a wet diaper!

One the go formula solution.

Formula feeding has a reputation for bring messy, especially on the go. This little gadget is a very inexpensive and simple way to take pre-measured formula with you and baby. I used this to send formula to Mother’s Day out with Nora every week! More color options available here. 

Baby gas was a constant cause of discomfort for both of my girls in the few few months of life (don’t worry, it eventually goes away!). We used the Windi to help them release the gas. Now, it’s a storage concept, but parents rave about it. You can read the reviews here for yourself! 


The best brush for fighting and removing cradle cap

Kick cradle cap to the curb with this nifty little brush. Whenever fighting cradle cap, start with a gentle shampoo, like Bella B Gone Cradle Cap Shampoo, and let it soak. This is a big part of the process as the skin needs time to soften. Then gentle massage with the brush and comb through to remove the flakes. Cradle Cap Brush available here. 

Layer baby’s bed sheets so make late night changes easier. Start with a waterproof pad then sheet, then add a second waterproof pad and sheet. Once you remove the soiled top layer, you’ve got a clean set on the bed and ready to go! Image Via The Krazy Coupon Lady.

You can use a fitted crib sheet over a pack n’ play to keep the mosquitos away from baby while outside! Image via Pinterest. 

Keep bugs and mosquitos off of baby with a crib sheet over a pack n play

Make your own yogurt melts for baby versus purchasing them from the store. It’s much cheaper and my baby always seemed to prefer the homemade version to the store!

Here is the how-to instructions.

Swaddles n' Bottles- Home Made Yogurt Melts for baby.

Wash baby’s socks in a mesh bag to make it easier to match them and to avoid losing them in the wash! I ordered a variety pack of mesh bags on Amazon. 

Wash baby socks in a mesh bag to make matching easier and to avoid losing any in the wash

Mesh bags are also great for any baby items that have Velcro on them. Washing them in a large bag will keep them from sticking to other clothing items.

Don’t use a nail clipper on a newborns nails. Those fingers are so tiny and you could clip baby’s skin! Use a nail file like this one instead.

Who knew a laundry basket could be so fun! This hack came in handy on cleaning days, when I was moving from room to room and needed baby close by and entertained, but not able to get away.

21 newborn hacks every mom should know

Those slits in the onsie sleeves are there for a reason! If baby has a blowout, you can pull the onesie down over their shoulders instead of up over their head, which could make a messy situations MUCH messier. Pulling it down helps minimize the chances of the poo getting everywhere!

Use a swaddle blanket that has Velcro versus a blanket type swaddle. The Velcro will stay put much better and keep baby snug for longer (and hopefully sleeping for longer too!) We used the Halo Sleep Sacks with both of our daughters.

Get a Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock! It makes grocery shopping with baby easy. You don’t have to take up the entire cart with their carseat! Shop all the different patterns here. 

Binxy baby Shopping Cart Hammock

After 9 months without alcohol, you may be ready for a glass of wine, but worry about it passing to baby through your breastmilk. Milkscreen test strips can be dipped into a small amount of expressed breastmilk and tell you if it is safe or not for baby!


Alcohol and breastfeeding- strips to test if there is alcohol in your breastmilk

There is nothing worse than baby being hungry for a bottle and waiting for your frozen breastmilk to thaw! By laying your milk bags flat when freezing, it will allow them to that faster under hot water. It also makes for much easier storing!

the best way to store your breastmilk in the freezer

When the time comes for baby to start solids, place a cheap shower curtain liner under their high chair for easy clean up.

No more baby bottles or sip cups dropped on the floor! This suction cup strap comes everywhere with us. We attach it to the stroller, have taken it on planes and it ALWAYS comes to restaurants with us too! You can find them here on Etsy. 



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