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Cute Fall Baby Photos You Can Take Yourself!

The leaves are falling and the air is a little crisper, meaning fall is officially here! This season has so many wonderful opportunities to capture fun and festive photos with your little one. From pumpkin patches to baby’s first Thanksgiving, there are so many moments you will want to remember!

Tips for Taking High-Quality Photos at Home

When it comes to taking high quality photos at home, you’d be surpised how great of a photo you can get with just your phone!

Our first and most important tip: natural light! Shadows are not your friend when it comes to photography so pull back those curtains and blinds and let the light in!

If the lighting is not ideal, do not result in using a flash. Instead, use an editing app to adjust the brightness of your photo. My favorite is SnapSeed (tutorial here on how I use it)

Now onto the adorable photos for inspiration!

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