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Chiropractic care for your newborn. There are so many benefits including reduced ear infections, reduced colic symptoms and even better sleep for baby!

How Chiropractic Care Can Benefit Your Newborn Baby

Although there are mixed opinions about chiropractic care in the medical community, several studies have shown its benefits. Chiropractic care’s primary goal is to improve body function by relieving pain in various body structures. 

Unlike medications, it does not produce any side effects. A professional chiropractor adjusts or manipulates various body organs, including the spine, to ensure proper alignment, stability, and flexibility. A 2018 study published on NCBI concludes that chiropractic care is an effective treatment option for infants. Here are the benefits! 

How chiropractic care can help your newborn baby. Better sleep, less ear infections and even with colic

Promotes Sleep 

According to the Sleep Foundation, a newborn baby needs at least 14 to 17 hours of sleep every day. Your baby sleeps for shorter periods during the day due to the need for feeding. However, studies show that most infants have difficulty sleeping at night. 

As a result, they have crankiness and fussiness during the daytime hours. Instead of giving your infant medications that can cause side effects, your child should undergo chiropractic adjustments. A qualified chiropractor can help your infant feel calmer and comfortable, leading to proper sleep at night. 

Improves Brain Health 

Studies show that chiropractic manipulation or adjustments can promote brain health. It plays a crucial role in neuronal and brain cell development. There are 31 nerves in the spine connected to the brain. Chiropractic care releases pressure on spinal bones, muscles, and joints, and nerves, leading to increased brain development

Evidence suggests that chiropractic manipulation of the spine can promote better concentration and reduce hyperactivity in babies. Your baby’s spine is the epicenter for many nerves in the body, and undergoing chiropractic manipulation means refreshing the central and peripheral nervous system. 

Boosts the Immune System 

The immune system develops when it builds antibodies against foreign objects, such as bacteria, viruses, and others. An infant’s immune system builds and strengthens over time, meaning your child is not ready to combat harmful bacteria, viruses, or other external agents. Thus, he or she is more prone to developing health conditions. 

Introducing your baby to chiropractic care can help strengthen his or her immune system, leading to prompt antibody development. That way, your child’s body can significantly fight environmental allergens and reduce the risk of getting cold, flu, fever, and other respiratory conditions. Chiropractic care is a natural way to strengthen your baby’s immune system. 

Chiropractic care for your newborn. There are so many benefits including reduced ear infections, reduced colic symptoms and even better sleep for baby!

Helps Calm Colicky Babies 

Although colic is not a disease until the doctor rules out an illness that leads to excessive crying, it is frustrating for many parents. Calming a colicky infant is difficult for a mother because the baby will scream or cry for hours with no stopping. It often occurs due to abdominal discomfort.

Chiropractic care can help calm your infant and make him or her feel more comfortable. Gentle manipulation in the abdominal area will soothe your infant’s muscles and ease digestive functions. A healthy digestive system means no colic or excessive crying. 

Prevent Ear Infections 

An ear infection is characterized by inflammation caused by bacteria in the middle ear. It occurs due to the accumulation of fluid behind the eardrum. Infants are more prone to getting ear infections than adults. Research shows that 5 out of 6 babies will have at least 1-2 ear infections during the first two years. 

Chiropractic adjustments strengthen the immune system, meaning your child’s body will have a reduced risk of getting an ear infection by combating bacteria. Even if your child develops an ear infection, simple chiropractic manipulation can restore the tube function. It dilates the tube’s muscles to promote drainage of fluid, leading to reduced pressure and pain. 

Better Pain Management 

Chiropractic care is one of the best pain management options for parents with babies that feel pain for whatever reason. Every infant experiences pains during early childhood days. Seeing chiropractic earlier can help mitigate the effects of inflammation and pain on your baby’s body. Gentle manipulation will soothe your baby’s sore muscles and relaxes the muscles and joints. 

Enhanced Organs Function

Improved organ function is another benefit of chiropractic care. The treatment aims to properly align muscles in a baby’s body to restore the normal functioning of internal organs. For instance, it can improve stomach and intestine functions and eliminate problems like constipation and diarrhea. 

Final Words 

Chiropractic care is an alternative technique used to treat a wide range of health conditions. It can support your child’s musculoskeletal system, strengthen the immune system, improve the digestive and circulatory system, and enhance overall health and wellbeing. The potential benefits of chiropractic care are endless.  

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