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Five ways to fight baby gas pains naturally

Baby gas. Who knew it would be such a big  part of your new life once your bundle of joy arrived? Our pediatrician informed us very early on that she was much gassier and bloated than the average baby. So we had to quickly become very accustomed to helping her work through these gassy episodes.

Within just a few weeks of her arrival, we  already had a long list of go-to solutions for when we started to hear the unmistakable cry of gas and her pulling up her legs. Being able to help her pass the gas meant a happier baby who was able to sleep better too!

Once you’ve read through these gas tips, be sure to check out the 3 steps I follow to a full nights sleep for baby!

Gripe Water

I’m a huge advocate of this stuff! Mostly because I have seen my baby go from a 10 to a 2 on the fussiness scale in a matter of just 15 minutes thanks to gripe water. Mommy’s Bliss makes a day time and night time version. I definitely used to see that our baby way much fussier at night and sometimes even after we heard the toots come out, she was still just so worked up that it took us another 20 minutes to get her calmed down. The night time version really helped with that. She was able to calm herself down faster and get to a good nights sleep.  Read more about Mother’s Bliss Gripe Water here.

The science behind this is the all-natural ingredients of fennel and ginger which are essential for good digestion. I’ve also read that mothers who breastfeed can also eat fennel soup to help with gassy babies. This doesn’t sound too appetizing so I’m sticking with the gripe water for now.

Gripe water for Gas Relief in babies

Hot Bath

Emmy loves her baths! If she is ever really gassy, we will sometimes do two in a day. She likes to sit in there and “make bubbles” as we like to call it. The warm water will really help break up all that gas and help it find its way out. If you find that your baby isn’t making as may bubbles as you’d hoped for, try sitting them up in the water. We found that Emmy’s baby bath, which kept her in the lying down position, was great for breaking up the bubbles, but she needed to be moved around a bit to get them moving in the right direction. So we just lean her forward and away she goes!

Kangaroo time

Just like sitting your baby up in the bath helps the gas find it’s way out, so does having your baby in an upright position. I noticed really early on that when I would pick Emmy up from her swing or her bed, the toots wouldn’t stop coming for at least a solid 2-3 minutes. The doctor suggested wearing her in the kangaroo position for at least 2 hours every day. So now Emmy helps me with chores around the house, grocery shopping and even folding laundry all while strapped on tight! She loves it! And mom loves it too! It really is a great way to bond with baby!

Dr. Brown’s Bottles

If you are bottle feeding with either expressed milk or formula, I would highly suggest Dr. Browns. When our pediatrician told us it was time to introduce a bottle to Emmy he suggested Dr. Browns. I had registered for another brand and decided to try those since I already had them opened, washed and ready. I ended up ordering Dr. Browns just 3 days after we started doing one bottle a night.   Dr. Brown’s has this cool built in vent thing to eliminate the air bubbles. I’m not entirely sure on the science behind it but I trust them to ensure by baby won’t be gassy after her night time feeding.

The Windi

I left this one for last in hopes that I have gained some credibility with the first 4 points and you wont think I’m too crazy for suggesting it.

First of all, the Windi has worked for us in some extreme cases when nothing else would.

The Windi is essentially a way to manually help your baby pass gas. The contraption looks  a little like a tampon applicator. You simply add some lubricant and gently insert into baby’s behind. There is a ridge to keep you from inserting too far. After a few seconds the gas will begin to pass through and you will hear a whistling sound followed by a sweet smile from your relived baby 🙂

I know this might sound strange. Try methods 1-4 first and if you’ve still got a gassy baby, try the Windi. And it you want a good laugh, read the reviews for this product on Amazon! There are dozens of hilarious testimonials on how terrified parents were to use this and how well it worked. It had me cracking up for quite some time.

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