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33 Weeks

Baby In Action at 33 Weeks

Baby Size at 33 Weeks

Baby’s average size at 33 weeks,

Your Body at 32 Weeks

 At 33 weeks pregnant,


Leg Cramps: If you are experiencing leg cramps at night, be sure to drink more water! Drinking an electrolyte infused water has been known to be a lifesaver when it comes to knocking out those pesky cramps and helping you get a better nights sleep. 


Heartburn: Sorry to say it, but this will continue throughout your pregnancy.  Tums and Roliads are a great way to calm the burn and are a great source of additional calcium.  Try to determine which foods cause more issues than others and avoid them. 


Braxton Hicks Contractions- Your body is gearing up for pregnancy! These practice contractions will be felt in your lower abdomen and will come at irregular intervals. 


Shortness of Breath: Don’t worry- not too much longer until baby drops and frees up some space for your lungs to breathe a little deeper!

32 Week To-Do-List

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