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pregnancy symptoms at 11 weeks

Here's what's happening at 11 Weeks Pregnant

Your little nugget is growing at an amazing rate. The largest part of him or her right now? The brain! Baby’s brain accounts for about half of it’s body length at 11 weeks. 

Also, those little webbed hands are now slowly turning into normal looking hands and finger. More details on what’s going on with baby below. 


baby growth week by week

Baby In Action at 11 Weeks

Your baby is looking a lot more human this week. Hair follicles are starting to form on the crown of the head and baby’s hands and feet are now in front of his body with individual fingers and toes. You won’t be able to tell the sex of your baby for a few more weeks but if it’s a girl her ovaries are already starting to develop.


Baby Size at 11 Weeks

Baby has been working hard at growing this week and is now just over an inch and a half long (around the size of a large strawberry). Fun fact, the head makes up half the size of the body!


pregnancy symptoms week by week

Your Body at 11 Weeks

  • Gas: Don’t be embarrassed. This is just one of those side effects that you can’t avoid with pregnancy.
  • Hair and Nail growth: One of the great thing that comes from the hormones during pregnancy!
  • Breast tenderness. Your breasts are growing which means they might also be extra sensitive.
  • That morning sickness is probably still hanging around but more like morning, noon, and night. Hang in there, it shouldn’t last much longer!


weekly pregnancy to do list

11 Week To-Do-List

– 11 weeks is a great time to start planning your baby registry. Chances are, it will take you some time to plan out all the pieces you would like to add. You can get a good idea of what the most important items are to add in this post.

We highly recommend creating your baby registry with Amazon. It makes it so easy on guests to order and they have the option to send the gift directly to you. You can sign up for an Amazon Baby Registry account here (it’s free!)

-If you haven’t done so already, schedule your 12 week prenatal visit. 


The first trimester is almost over! Get details on the big changes to come on the next page by clicking below. 

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