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Baby Registry Regrets-what I wish I had and what I ended up not needing

Baby Registry Regrets: What I Didn’t Need and What I Wish I Had

Building a baby registry as a first time mom was really overwhelming.

There we so many things I thought I needed that I quickly found out were a waste.

And then there were the things I bought myself, 2-3 months into motherhood, that I really wish I would have put on my baby registry.

Some of these are minor, but the cost of it all adds up! Not to mention, it’s always nice to be well stocked and prepared with anything and everything you will need.

5 oz Baby Bottles Versus 9 Oz

Baby can only drink out of those 5 ounce bottles for so long. By 4 months, baby is consuming 4-6 ounces, meaning those itty bitty bottles might not hold enough for a meal. I wish I would have not registered for the 5 ounce bottles and opted for all 9 ounce bottles instead with additional nipples at various flows.

Feeding Supplies for 9-12 Months and Beyond

When I was 5 months pregnant and walking the isles of Babies R’ Us creating my registry, I didn’t think far enough into the future when it came to feeding. I thought of breastfeeding my little newborn that that’s about it. Time flew by as it has a reputation for doing and before I knew it, we were at the store loading up our cart with sippy cups, bowls, white hot spoons and silicon bibs.

A Rock N’ Play Sleeper

It only took a few weeks of being home with baby to realize that I needed more ways to have her new me in various rooms in the house. If I was cooking dinner or folding laundry in the bedroom, I wanted somewhere comfy for my baby to rest nearby. The baby swing in the living room was the closest thing and I didn’t want to just leave her in there cooing to herself all the time. Luckily, we were gifted a Rock n’ Play pretty quickly after bringing Emmy home. When we brought Nora home, we added a second Rock n’ Play to our home and left one upstairs and one down. UPDATE: due to the recall of the Rock n’ Play sleepers, we no longer recommend this product.

Nursing Supplies

Mama needs some gear too once baby arrives! Nursing bras, nursing shirts, breast pads, milk storage bags… these were all things I found myself needing to go out and purchase within the first 2-3 months after having Emmy.

Things I Didn’t Need

Diaper Pail

I know you are probably already imagining that my house smells of a soiled diaper, but I promise it doesn’t! But ya know what did STINK?! The diaper pail! We did everything we could to eliminate it. We tried all the hacks and cleaning products but it just would not come clean. So we trashed it and started a new system. We purchased a $5 metal trashcan and placed it outside our back door. We toss diapers in there and bag them up at the end of the day. No smell!

Fancy Baby Clothes 0-3 months

For the first 3 months of baby’s life, I rarely left the house. It wasn’t a bad thing! Baby was still waking frequently at night and we both did a lot of sleeping during the day. Meaning all of those super cute baby outfits I just HAD to have were worn once (if even that) and then outgrown. Sleepers were the outfit of choice on most days and I wish I would have registered for more of them!




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