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symptoms at 9 weeks pregnant

Everything Happening at 9 Weeks

If you haven’t already, chances are you will be getting your first look at baby through your first ultrasound. Hopefully you have also had a chance to speak with your OB and get some of your most burning questions answered!

If you are finding out you are pregnant at 9 weeks, be sure to go back and read through weeks 4-8 for some great info. 


baby growth week by week

Baby In Action at 9 Weeks

By week 9 your baby’s heart has divided into four chambers and the heart valves have begun to form. The heart is developed enough and big enough that you may be able to hear the heartbeat on a Doppler ultrasound. How exciting is that?!


Baby Size at 9 Weeks

Measuring in at about 1 inch your baby is now the size of a cherry. Still pretty tiny, but his or her growth is really about to pick up the pace! Baby now weighs about .07 ounces!

pregnancy symptoms week by week

Your Body at 9 Weeks

Extreme Fatigue. You should get some of your energy levels back during the second trimester so hang in there!

 Weight Gain. You may start to notice your pants getting a little bit tighter around the waist.

 Changes in your mood. All those raging hormones can make it difficult to control your emotions.

Difficulty sleeping. You may want to try switching up your sleep positions. Also, try turning down the temp in your bedroom and tapering off on the liquid 2-3 hours before bedtime. 


weekly pregnancy to do list

9 Week To-Do List

-Are you planning on doing a pregnancy announcement? If so, better start planning it! We’ve rounded up a ton of ideas on our pregnancy annoucement board on Pinterest. Be sure to follow us while you are there!

-Stock up on the Tums. Heartburn is a common symptom during pregnancy and will continue up until baby is born. Eating smaller sized meals will help decrease the burn as well. 


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