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14 weeks pregnant

14 Weeks Pregnant- What's Happening this Week?

Are you starting to feel a little more energized? Many woman report a burst of energy around this time (and a heightened sex drive!).

Take advantage of your new found energy. Go for a walk, take a prenatal yoga class, or get back into your previous fitness routine if the sluginess of the first trimester held you back! 

Baby is growing like a weed in your belly. Baby’s genitals are fully formed although they would most likely not be clearly visible on an ultrasound. Be patient- your 20 anatomy scan will be here soon and you will know if your little baby is a he or she! 

baby growth week by week

Baby In Action at 14 Weeks

Your baby is on the move! He or she is able to move around fluidly in the womb and can bring his or her hands to their mouth. It’s even possible your baby is sucking their thumb. Tiny peach fuzz like hairs called lanugo are growing all over your baby’s body. These hairs help protect the baby and keep her warm.


baby growth week by week

Baby Size at 14 Weeks

This week your baby is the size of a peach. Baby has almost doubled in size since last week and now weighs in at 2 ounces and is 3.5 to 4 inches long.


pregnancy symptoms week by week

Your Body at 14 Weeks

  • Shiny, thicker hair. This is one of the best side effects of pregnancy.


  • Increased appetite. Now that the nausea is starting to subside you may be ready for regular meals again.


  • Less breast tenderness. You may find they are little less achy than they were during the first trimester.


  • Varicose Veins. You can’t prevent them since they are hereditary, but there are things you can do to help reduce them.


weekly pregnancy to do list

14 Week To-Do-List

 -HYDRATE! Have you started having leg cramps at night? It is completely normal. You can decrease them by staying hydrated. A water infused with electrolytes will work wonders as well. 

-It’s time to read up, mama! There are big changes coming your way and you want to be prepared. We’ve listed out the 5 best books for you to read while pregnant here. 


Keep reading! Big changes are happening in the coming weeks!

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