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symptoms at 5 weeks pregnant

5 Weeks

Hey there, mama (are you getting used to the fact that you soon will be a MOTHER?!) If you have just learned you are pregnant at 5 weeks, be sure to go back and read through week 4 for some great information.

Baby In Action at 5 Weeks

This week your baby will look more like a tadpole (complete with a tail) than an actual baby, but major organs are starting to develop. The structures that will eventually become the eyes and ears are also starting to form. Small buds will appear that will eventually become arms and legs.

Baby Size at 5 Weeks

Your baby has grown to the size of an apple seed this week. Even though your baby is still pretty small, only measuring in at about .118 inches, he or she will have doubled in size by next week. This is a big week for growth!


Your Body at 5 Weeks

Here is what is happening with you this week:

Morning Sickness: If you haven’t already started to experience this dreaded side effect then it may hit you this week. My favorite morning sickness hack?… using motion sickness bands designed for sea sickness. It works by applying pressure to the P6 (Nei Kuan) acupressure point on each wrist. Pretty cool, right? You can  order a set here. 

 Frequent Urination: Your kidneys are expanding which may mean more trips to the bathroom.

 Changes in Breast Color: You might notice a darkening around the areola.


Products We Recommend at 5 Weeks

Prenatal Vitamin– If you have not started taking your prenatal- start doing so ASAP!  This prenatal is a great option and all the right nutrients.

Reusable Water Bottle– h2o is SO important while growing a baby! Start making a habit of drinking more water!

Anti-nausea supplies: Has nausea kicked in yet? Hang in there! With both of my pregnancies it was like a light switch went off at 12 weeks and it ended just like they!  We love Pink Stork Anti-nausea tea and Preggy Pops to help kick nausea in the butt.

5 Week To-Do-List

-Make Your first OB appointment. While they may not see you until 8-9 weeks, their calendar may fill up and you want to be sure you can grab an appointment as soon as baby is big enough to see on an ultrasound!

-Read up on what foods are safe during pregnancy and which are not in this post. 

-Lover of coffee? Don’t worry- you don’t have to switch completely to decaf. More details here. 

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