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Caffeine During Pregnancy- How much is too much

Caffeine. The saving grace for most of us.

While it may seem like life can’t go on without caffeine during pregnancy, let me be the first to attest that it WILL be ok, AND experts say you don’t HAVE to cut it all out 100%.

Which leads me to the question: Is it ok to drink caffeine while pregnant, and if so, how much is too much?

Most sources will tell you to keep your caffeine level intake between 150-300 mg. The most commonly sited amount to maintain is less than 200 mg. 

The experts say you don’t need to cut it out altogether, but definitely be aware of the amount you’re drinking. Keep in mind you’ll find caffeine in more than just coffee!

What food and drinks contain caffeine?

The obvious is coffee and soda. What some may not know is that you can also find caffeine in chocolates and teas!

Be cautious of the items below as the amounts add up quickly!


  • 1 instant coffee – 100mg
  • 1 filter coffee – 140 mg
  • 1 tea – 75mg
  • 1 green tea – 50 mg
  • 1 can of cola – 40 mg
  • 50g milk chocolate – 25mg

You can use the chart below as a general guideline, but the exact amount of mg per product varies per product, so make sure to check each of the labels for specifics.

Not listed are different medicines that are commonly known to contain caffeine as well, which will be listed on each of the labels as required by the FDA. Some capsules of Excedrin will usually contain about 65mg!

Risks of caffeine during pregnancy

According to Health and Parenting, caffeine travels across the placenta and can affect your baby. If you exceed the recommended 200mg of caffeine each day, you could have an increased risk of miscarriage and low birth weight.

Ok I get that too much caffeine is bad. So, what am I supposed to do instead?

Pregnancy is a great time to explore other healthy options to give you sustainable energy.

Get plenty of rest and exercise. One of the greatest benefits of exercise is it helps you sleep better at night, leaving you feeling more energized both after your exercise and when you wake up in the mornings!

There are foods that will boost your energy levels as well. This goes across the board with eggs, oatmeal, apples, pumpkin, salmon, peanuts, trail mix, lentils, yogurts and hummus.

Smoothies and Juices. Fruits juices not only give you natural energy boosts, but also keep you hydrated with the many vitamins and nutrients needed for mom and baby during pregnancy.

Water, water, water! This will promote your overall health and help your baby stay healthy. Building a healthy water drinking habit will have benefits later on if you plan to breastfeed. More on that here. 

You mamas are not alone here. The changes and adjustments are totally worth the reward of your sweet baby to be! Hang in there!


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