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21 weeks pregnant

21 Weeks

If you have not had your 20 weeks ultrasound, you will be in the coming week. You will get a great glimpse of baby and finally find out if it’s a he to a she. Meaning you and your partner have probably gotten pretty serious about the name game and nursery planning. More details on how we can help with that below!

baby growth week by week

Baby In Action at 21 Weeks

Did you know that the taste of your amniotic fluid varies from day-to-day based on what you consume? Baby is swallowing that fluid each day and at 21 weeks, has developed taste buds and is enjoying what ever it is mama eats.

Baby’s reproductive organs are also now fully developed, meaning the goods they need to make your future grandchildren are already in place. Crazy, right?!

Baby’s eyelids and eyebrows are now fully developed as well.

Baby’s digestive system has also started making meconium, the infamous black tar-like substance that will come in the first diaper mom or dad has the honor of changing. 

baby growth week by week

Baby Size at 21 Weeks

Baby is weighing in at about 12 ounces and is 10.5 inches long. Baby is the size of a large carrot.

pregnancy symptoms week by week

Your Body at 21 Weeks

At this point in your pregnancy, you will have gained anywhere from 13 to 14 pounds.

This also means that the appearance of stretch marks may be starting to show. Don’t panic! This is a totally normal part of pregnancy! You can help reduce the chances of further stretch marks by nourishing your skin with stretch mark cream. We love the Spoiled Mama Tummy Butter. 

weekly pregnancy to do list

21 Week To-Do-List

– At 21 weeks pregnant, you should begin sleeping on your side. By laying on your side, you allow the weight of your uterus to be lifted off of a major blood vessel, called the vena cava.

By laying on your back, you could be restricting this vessel, leaving your dizzy and nauseous and disrupts the flow to your baby.

If you find laying on your side uncomfortable, use a pregnancy pillow. We recommend The Snoggle.

Keep on reading, mama!

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