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The earliest signs and symptoms of Pregnancy

So you’re a few days late… or maybe even later. And you can’t help but wonder, if this is it. Am I pregnant?! The obvious answer is found with a pregnancy test but if you’re not wanting to go that route quite yet, start paying more attention to your body and if it is trying to tell you something.

What should you look for?

Implantation bleeding

A few days before your missed period, you can experience some light pink spotting due to implantation of the fertilized egg into the uterine wall. This does not occur for every pregnancy, but can be a very early sign of  pregnancy. It usually only lasts for 24 hours or less and is much more mild than a period.

Sore boobs/bigger

This is especially true of your first baby, but can be a symptom with each pregnancy. Your boobs will TELL YOU. You breasts and nipples are more tender, it is uncomfortable to be cold and they start expanding in size.

Nausea, vomiting

Feeling queasy? Morning sickness is the most talked about pregnancy symptom but has the pre-conceived notion that it is only in the morning, when it actually can take place all day long. Nausea and/or vomiting can begins around the 6-7 week mark and begins to diminish around 11-12 weeks.

Heightened smell

One of my biggest pregnancy symptom is being able to tell right away if the trash needs to go out. It is crazy how much our sense of smell increases when pregnant. Certain smells that used to not even bother us, can cause a quick turn of the stomach. You may realize that you no longer can stand the thought of Chinese food, when you used to devour it. Or you are a religious coffee drinker who now cannot stomach the smell of a freshly brewed cup.


Like you’ve been hit by a bus. The early pregnancy exhaustion is no joke. You may find yourself struggling to get through the day without an afternoon snooze or all of the sudden your bed time begins at 8pm. The exhaustion will let up after the first trimester. However, the fatigue will pick up again in the third trimester, but it is more a physical exhaustion (perhaps from carrying around that watermelon under your ribcage) than a “can’t keep my eyes open” one.

Cramping and back pain

Cramping and back pain can often be confused early on with premenstrual symptoms. While cramping can sometimes cause a fear of miscarriage, cramping is not unusual to experience in the first month or so of pregnancy, because your uterus is already preparing for growth. When cramping is accompanied by spotting, call you OB to check-in.

Peeing often

Frequent bathroom visits are a very common symptom in your 3rd trimester and surprisingly occurs around 6-8 weeks into pregnancy also. It is a symptom that doesn’t stick around for long in the first trimester, but appears again once baby is taking up more space (leaving your bladder to have very little space) in the third trimester.


Bring on the heartburn. Once again, this is a symptom that can reappear later in pregnancy because of baby not leaving much room in there, but it also occurs early on in pregnancy. Some women battle with it their entire pregnancy. Luckily, TUMS are safe to have while pregnant and can help calm down the burn.


Is your face breaking out like you are 13 years old girl all over again? Pregnancy acne can be blamed on the increase in hormones going on.


Cue all the tears. Yet again, hormones can take credit for your mood swings. One minute you are crying over a laundry detergent commercial, and the next you are mad at your husband for folding the bath towels wrong. So many emotions. At least you have a good excuse for them.

If any of these symptoms sound like something you are experiencing, it is time to head to the store for a pregnancy test. If you are testing early on, be sure to use the first morning’s urine. The closer you are to your missed period date, the better change you will get an accurate reading. If your test is negative, but you’re not quite convinced, you may be testing too early. Wait a few days and if Aunt Flo still hasn’t shown up, test again. Once you receive that positive result, call your OB to schedule your first visit.

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