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how to clean your babys umbilical cord

Cleaning Your Baby’s umbilical CORD

Basic care for your baby’s belly button and umbilical cord stump is crucial in the first few weeks to help prevent infection.  Here are a few simple steps I follow to keep baby’s cord in good condition.

  • Soak a Q-tip in warm water and squeeze away any excess water.
  • Use the q-tip to gently wipe around the belly button, removing any residue.
  • Use a clean towel to pat the area dry.

Repeat this process once a day until the cord falls off. This will usually happen 1-2 weeks after birth, but may take longer.

Be sure to talk through any cleaning procedures with your pediatrician as certain cases may cause for special care.

Other important measures to take

  • While your baby’s cord is still attached, do not submerge him or her in water for bath time. A simple sponge bath will do until it falls off.
  • In order to prevent irritation, be sure to fold the top of baby’s diaper to hit below the belly button. Once the cord falls off, you can stop doing this.
  • Make sure baby’s clothing is loose-fitting and not irritating the stump. Fold pants to hit below the belly button or make sure the waist band sits above the stump.

If you are concerned with the way your baby’s cord looks or it has a foul smell, be sure to contact your pediatrician as soon as possible.

I am not a medical professional and information shared on this blog should not be taken as medical advice.  Always consult with your medical provider concerning any issues you have regarding you or your baby. 

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