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Baby Shoes

Added September 2017

FREAKING out over the cuteness of these baby shoes! I’m going to have to hide all of my purchases from my husband if they keep coming out with these! You can get $60 off of your purchase using code “PITTERPATTER60”. Each pair is usually around $30 so that’s 2 pairs free!

Get 2 free pair of baby shoes on using code PITTERPATTER60

Nursing Covers

Okay so here’s what I love about this nursing cover, look closely at the picture below. Do you see how the cover is pulled away from the chest so you can look directly down to see baby?


There’s a bow in the material to make it that way! When breastfeeding in public, it helps to have as many hands free as possible so the bow means you aren’t having to use one hand to hold the cover to see baby. GENIUS! You can get one for free by letting them know you read the Swaddles n’ Bottles blog! Get it at Udder Covers and Use code SNBReader35

Nursing Pillow

Taking my nursing pillow to the hospital with me for delivery was one of the smartest things I did. It was difficult for me to hold baby without my IV getting in the way and the pillow made it easy to support her while also holding her close.  Use code NP40OFF  here for $40 off a pillow.

Custom Pacifiers

HOW ADORABLE ARE THESES? Even if you aren’t expecting, this is a GREAT gift! There are seriously hundreds to different options when it comes to customizing. I did the one for Emmy in about 20 seconds! You can use the code 3FREEPACI30 to get THREE free custom pacifiers at

Baby Leggings

Check out how stinking cute Emmy is in her baby leggings from! I used a code a while back to get 5 pairs free and I am OBSESSED with every pair! They didn’t really start to fit her until 4 months of age. Before that I would roll them just so she could wear them; I loved them that much! You can get 5 pairs for free by using code LEGGINGS50!


Your breast pump

Thanks to The Affordable Care Act,  most health insurance plans are required to cover the cost of a breast pump as part of women’s preventative health services. These rules apply to Health Insurance Marketplace plans, and all other private health insurance plans, but some grandfathered plans might not fall under this rule. I called my insurance company about 4 months before Emmy was due, asked which brands they covered and I was given 3 websites to pick from. My doctor wrote me a prescription on my next visit and I uploaded a picture of it to the website. My pump was mailed to me about 2 weeks after my initial call to the insurance company. Easy as that!

A Pregnancy Pillow

I’m not ashamed to admit I still use my pregnancy pillow. I still get pretty bad hip pain while sleeping and this helps alot! It’s got a nice little scoop right at the belly so your bump will fit perfectly! This one is usually $50 but you can use the coupon code FRIEND50 to get it fo’ FREEEEEE!

UPDATE: Thank you to those who commented saying they were having trouble with this code! I have figured out where the hiccup is- this code is for $50 off. When this post was created in November 2016, offered a wide variety of pillows that were $49.95 and upgraded mink pillows that were $99.95. As of July 2017, I am ONLY seeing the mink pillows on their website. The code will still work for $50 off.


Hooded baby towels

What’s cuter than a chubby baby during bath time? A chubby baby in a hooded bath towel. They have princess, shark, kitty, even pirate hooded towels. Code FREETOWEL35 gets you one for free at

Car Seat Canopy

Something new I learned once having Emmy, babies HATE the sunlight. She reacts to it like it’s physically hurting her, which I guess it could? Any ways, that’s why I have been using a car seat canopy since week 1. I may or may not have gotten a nursing cover to match… You can use the code FreeCanopy50 for a $50 discount (they cost $50 so if you do the math that equals FREE). Here’s the link.


A Baby Carrier Sling

This thing is a LIFE SAVER. If you didn’t already know, my baby has a few extra pounds to her. Like off he charts for weight since Day 1 kind of baby. I ordered a seven sling before she got here and have used it since day 1. My only suggestion- I bought a black one thinking it would match well with all my outfits, but it actually just picks up every little fuzzy in the house and I constantly have to link roll it. I would get a lighter or patterned color next time around. You can use the same code I did, SLING40OFF to get one for free.


Baby Books

Your baby is never to young to start reading to them! Seriously, you need to build up a big library, but if you haven’t noticed, those cardboard books aren’t exactly cheap. I picked up 5 for free by using code BABYBOOK40OFF  from


Get 2 free pair of baby shoes on using code PITTERPATTER60

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