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Dock A tot- 7 reasons we love this baby lounger!


Seven Reason we’re obsessed with the DockATot!

A big hug and thank you to DockATot for sending these to us! The DockATot was provided to us for free in exchange for our review, however all opinions are our own. We seriously do love this thing!

7.  Tried and Tested with Two under Two. We’re no stranger to the DockATot. Emmy started using one when she was just 5 months old. We thought it was pretty cool then. Now with all the ease it has brought to being a mama of two under two- we’re in love!


6. Portability-TheDockATot has gained the nickname of “the baby lounger” in our house. Movie night in the living room? Bring the baby lounger. Dinner in the dinning room? Someone grab the baby lounger. I’ll admit that it has even come into the bathroom with me for shower time. It is super light weight and easy to carry. It has been used in just about every room in our house.

5. Makes traveling with little so much easier. Just last weekend we took a road trip to San Antonio (our first one as a family of four!) and I was really nervous about the whole idea. We took Nora’s DockaTot with us and it worked like a charm. We used it for just about everything for the weekend (diaper changing station, lounger, sleeper, tummy time mat). We would usually have to haul around a WHOLE lot of baby gear to get all of those jobs done but we were able to do it with just the DockATot.

Emmy’s DockATot has some miles on it- literally! It has been to 3 different states with us and been carted back and forth from grandmas house countless times.

4. Machine Washable- We have been lucky to not have any accidents with Nora’s DockaTot, but in the year that we used Emmy’s, we’ve had our fair share! Whenever the cover needs a clean, I simply run it through the wash on a normal cycle then reshape and lay flat to dry. Once dry, I just insert the padding and we are back in business! The fabric is super durable and has very little evidence of all those washes.

3. Play time! The play arch was a sweet surprise when I went to order Nora’s DockATot- I didn’t know this feature was available when I ordered Emmy’s! It makes this lounger all the more versatile. The play arch easily snaps on and off and the little toys can be interchanged with any that have a similar hook on them.

2. Tummy Time! We’re working hard to strengthen those tummy muscles and keep this sweet little girls head in shape (pun intended!). We’ve started using our DockATot for tummy time and it has resulted in a lot less fuss. Clearly…

  1. Sweet Dreams Little Nora– I cannot tell you how many times we have just been hanging out and I look over to see that Nora has dozed off in her DockATot. It’s quickly become somewhere she feels comfortable and relaxed. No complaints from this mama!

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