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This post in sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own. Seriously, their baby registry experience is amazing. 

Baby Registry Checklist

Building a baby registry is serious business. Alot goes into taking care of a baby and it can be difficult to navigate all the options out there in terms of baby gear, clothing, and essentials. Expectant mamas want to be prepared but are often left wondering if they have everything they need on their baby registry.

I vividly remember how I felt the first time I walked into a big box baby store to build my registry. I had my registry gun in hand, and had ZERO idea what I was doing. I ended up having to leave the store and go home to do research before I could make any decisions.

We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you! We’ve build the ultimate baby registry checklist and lined out what products we love the most to make selecting easy. Plus, we’ve done a ton of research on the easiest ways to build your baby registry as well!

If you have not already started your baby registry, you can do so TODAY with Walmart. Walmart has THE largest selection of baby items and their online system makes it easy to build and manage your registry. Plus, they have great tools to help you make sure you have all the essentials added to your list.

You can register and start building your baby registry today with Walmart here. 

Let’s jump into the essential items needed to build your baby registry!

Baby Clothes

This is probably the thing I was most excited about buying when I first found out I was pregnant! But it was probably also the area I went most overboard in. When it comes to a newborn, they do not need much in terms of clothing. Sleepers are the most used item (and always go with zip up options, buttons are a pain!). Our sleeper suggestion: Gerber Organic Zip Up Sleepers (3 Pack)

We suggest having 6 onesies, 6 pants, 6 shirts, socks, hats and mittens on hand. Of course, if you live somewhere colder, you may need more weather appropriate clothing.  Having various sizes on hand is wise as well. Most babies move out of the Newborn size clothing quickly.

Our suggestions: Wonder Nation 6 Pack of Onesies, Gerber Organic Hat and Mitten Pack, Luvable Friends 3 Pack of Pants, and Gerber Organic Wiggle Proof Socks (12 Pack)

One of the great things I love about Walmart is their options for bundles of baby clothes. This Granimals 20 piece set includes everything clothing essential mentioned above in coordinating colors.

I like to have clothing up to 6 month size on hand when bringing home baby. My first one was in 6 month size by the time she was 3 months!

Baby Sleep

Prepping to help baby get the best sleep possible is vital for mom and dad to get the best sleep possible.

First off, you will obviously need a crib (Walmart has dozens of crib options under $150!). We will go into more detail on smart crib options below. Next, you will need a safe mattress for baby. In order to reduce the risk of SIDS, your baby’s mattress will need to be firm. We recommend the Sealy Baby Ultra Rest mattress. It has a firm side for baby and a softer side for toddler ages.

You will need 1-2 waterproof mattress covers as well as 3-4 sets of crib sheets.

When it comes to baby monitors, we cannot recommend the Owlet Baby Sock ENOUGH! The Owlet baby sock tracks your baby’s oxygen levels and heart beat and alerts you if something is wrong. Talk about peace of mind! Owlet also has a great baby camera that streams right to your phone. You can get these in a package here. 

To help baby sleep for longer stretches, a good swaddle and sound machine are key. We are avid users of the Halo Sleep Sacks. The velcro panels are what sets this apart from your typical swaddles. They ensure that baby not only gets a super snug swaddle, but it will stay in place as baby wiggles. You can see the various color options they have here.  A sound machine will mimic the noise baby heard in the womb and will also help drown out any noises throughout the house that may wake baby. We love this Homedics sound machine. It has the option to power through outlet or by battery.

Baby Gear

Some of the largest expenses when preparing for a baby come from baby gear. When it comes to selecting what your will splurge and what you will save on, I suggest always going for the best car seat you can afford to keep baby safe. We love the Britax Allegiance 3 Stage Convertible Car Seat.

A crib may be another large expense, but if you select one that converts to a toddler bed and eventually to a full size bed, you will save money in the long run! The bed you purchase could be used for the next 18 years!

As for a high chair, there are alot of great options out there, but you want to select the one that works best for your home set up. A great option for just about any home would be the Joovy Foodoo Baby Height Adjustable High Chair. It is one of the easiest to clean and other parents highly recommend it too.

A good stroller is also key. There are so many options available, so it’s best to choose what fits your lifestyle. For a lightweight stroller, we recommend the Uppababy Cruz. If you are a runner, you cannot go wrong with the BOB Revolution Stroller. For travel, we recommend the Maxi-Cosi Lara. If you are looking for a full travel system stroller that includes a car seat, the Maxi Cosi Adorra is a 5 in 1 system that will get you through many stages with baby.

For the first few months of life, it is suggested that baby sleep in mom and dads room. Obviously it would be a pain to move their entire crib to your room, so a bassinet is a great option. We love the Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper. 

Speaking from experience, I spent ALOT of time in a rocking chair those first few months nursing baby and putting them to sleep. A good glider that is comfortable for both mom and dad is a must-have. We recommend the Delta Children’s Emma Glider for both comfort and style. 

One of the most used items in our day-to-day life aside from the ones we’ve already mentioned is a baby carrier. Especially when we had two babies under two years, it made getting things done around the house so much easier. There are alot of benefits for baby wearing for both mom and babe.

Our recommendations for baby carriers: The Baby Bjorn One Air for a structured carrier. For a wrap, we suggest a 2 in 1 wrap and ring carrier, like this one. 

A few other items you will want to be sure to add: a bouncer (love the Baby Bjorn Bouncer), baby swing, play mat (both our girls loved the Infantino Grow-With-Me activity gym and ball pit), boppy pillow, diaper bag, teether, and pacifiers.


Aside from the high chair, baby will need bottles, spoons, forks and bowels, We have both the Como Tomo Bottles and the Dr. Browns Options Bottles.  You will want to register for a variety of nipple flows (slow, medium and fast). There are a few cleaning items to register for as well: bottle brushes, drying rack, and sanitizing bags. While it may be a few months before baby uses them, register for sippy cups as well.

Don’t forget the burp clothes and bibs! We always recommend going with silicone bibs and they are easy to clean and don’t hold stains like a cotton bib would.

If you plan to make your own baby food, you will want to register for a baby food maker.We highly suggest the Baeba Baby food maker. It allows you to steam, puree, and heat all in one machine!


If you plan to breastfeed, there are so essential items you will need. First off, a great breast pump is key. We recommend the Medela Pump In Style Double Electric Pump. If you have not already, reach out to your insurance company about getting a free breast pump. In my experience, my insurance company has instructed me to purchase the pump and send in a receipt for a refund.

You will also need milk storage bags, nipple cream (you WILL have pain in those first few days), a breastfeeding pillow (we love My Breast Friend), nursing bras, and a breastfeeding cover if you choose to use one while feeding in public.


Creating a diaper stick pile prior to baby arriving will ensure you are not left running out to the store in the middle of the night for a diaper run. You can view our Diaper Stockpile suggestions here. You will want to have plenty of wipes and diaper rash cream on hand as well. When it comes to a diaper pail, go with the best! The last thing you want id your house smelling like a dirty diaper. We recommend the Playtex Diaper Pail (the awards this product has received speak for the quality!). Be sure you register for refill bags as well!

Medical Supplies

While we hope and pray for baby to never be anything but healthy, you will want to have some supplies on your registry in case they do get sick. A good thermometer, nasal aspirator (nothing beats the Nose Frida), and humidifier are the basics and you can add more items if you’d like to give you peace of mind. I always like to suggest having some gas relief items as well, like the Windi.

Bathing Baby

You will want to register for a few essentials for bathing baby. A baby bath tub, spout cover, hooded towels, wash cloths and gentle baby soap and shampoo. Be sure to get some bath toys too to make bath time fun! You can also register for a water thermometer to ensure the water is not too hot for baby. Full tips on how to give your baby their first bath in this post. 

Baby Proofing

While it may be hard to imagine that the little baby in your tummy is going to be crawling around your home and getting into just about everything, it will be happening before you know it! Baby proofing essentials to add to your registry include: baby gates, pinch guards, outlet covers, anti-tip hardware for tv’s and furniture, knob covers and cabinet locks.

Want the full list in printable form? Download it below!

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