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diaper bag packing list

Diaper Bag Checklist

Motherhood comes with alot of baggage. Hospital bags, diaper bags, under eye bags. Just add “professional bag packer” to the many other skills moms have. It really is important to make sure you’ve got it all; you never know what could happen! Luckily for your, weve created a simple diaper bag packing list that will have you prepared for anything!

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Before we actually PACK the bag, you have to PICK the bag. I am going to share one of the biggest annoyances in my mom life- and it involves my diaper bag. I’m almost embarrassed to share this because I REALLY should have thought of this when I was registering and shopping for baby. My diaper bag doesn’t fit easily under my stroller. I mean, it fits, but you have to twist it and turn it a few different ways. Getting it out is seriously a pain in the butt. So please, make sure your diaper bag fits well with all your other baby gear!

So here’s the list of what you’ll need and why you might need it!

What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

Diapers– 3-4. should be enough. I keep a gallon-sized zip lock baggie with extras in the car in case there’s a catastrophe.

Wipes-in a sealed travel container. Nothing worse than being at a truck stop in the middle of Louisiana with a poopy baby and realizing you only have dried-out wipes. I purchased this one because of the handle! It makes it super easy if you are making a bathroom run without the entire diaper bag!

Diaper Changing Mat– so I know most diaper bags COME with one of these, but we were gifted a fancy version and it is SUPERB! Seriously love it!

Zip Lock Baggies– because when your baby has a blowout that shoots all the way up their back (it will happen), you don’t want the dirty clothes just floating around in the diaper bag.

1-2 Extra Outfits– See above.

Small Hand Sanitizer– because mom’s always manage to get a small souvenir from diaper changes. I ordered 10 of these before Emmy arrived and keep one in ALL our bags.

Disinfectant wipes– no matter how many gadgets I buy to KEEP the pacifier off the ground, it always ends up falling. I use these to disinfect and then run the pacifier under water. Babyganics makes these great travel size ones!

Diaper Sacks– because you don’t want to be THAT person who leaves a rancid diaper in a public trash can. 

Diaper Rash Cream- you really never know when the rash will strike, best to be prepared. 

Snacks for mom a hangry mom is not a good thing. I’ve realized that forgetting to eat is the most common issue in my new mom life. Keep something with alot of protein on hand!

Toys for baby– We have this weird pink fluffy elephant thing that has saved us from a public meltdown so. many. times.

Nursing Cover– I tried the whole extra large infinity scarf type thing, not happening with how squirmy Emmy is. This one was a little tighter and had some stretch to it. PLUS it doubles as a car seat cover AND a scarf. The cute pattern doesn’t hurt either!

First Aid kit– hopefully you WON’T need it but better to be prepared! They have small ones in the travel section of Target and they have just about everything in a small enough container for a diaper bag!

Clear Travel Bags– Life. Savers. A quick way to keep all those small things- like the diaper rash cream and hand sanitizer easy to find and even easier to grab in a hectic situation.


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