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The Contours Curve Stroller was provided to us free of charge by Contours in exchange for an honest review. All of these opinions are my own. 

It’s been close to 3 weeks now since Contours sent us their new  Curve Double Stroller. My husband and I are no strangers to taking new strollers for a spin; we have owned a dozen in the past two years since becoming parents. We find ourselves on the hunt for a new one as our previous one always seems to be lacking in one area or another. So to say that we are stroller experts may be a stretch, but we definitely have seen our fair share of them and have come to know and appreciate what makes stroller life easier.

Obviously, the Contours Curve stroller makes a great first impression because of its looks. It’s sleek and the leather detail is beautiful. Something about the Curve design just really catches your eye However, we’ve seen beautiful strollers before whose functionality didn’t match their level of looks.

But I’ve got to hand it to Contours; this stroller was unlike the other. The Curve stroller drove like a dream and had functionality to match. Here are the top three things that really stood out about the Contours Curve and why it quickly became our go-to stroller for every outing and event.

Contours Curve Stoller Review

#3. Comfort for the Kiddos

Our daughters are at very different stages with one being under a year and one being a little over two. They need different things when it comes to stroller comfort. Nora needs to be able to lay back fully to sleep or have a bottle while on the go and Emmy needs to be a little more upright and be able to get out of the stroller easier as she likes to walk around when possible. The Contours Curve nailed it with both babies being able to have what they need.

Just about every aspect of the Contours Curve seats can be adjusted. How far they lay back, their leg rest level, their shade, and even which position that are facing. There are so many options to meet the need of the babes.

My husband and I tried just about every combination of how to seat the babies. While we have found each of them to be as comfortable and functional as the last, I think the girls really love being able to face each other.  Here’s a look at a few other set up’s we tried.

We absolutely love our Curve double stroller from Contours!

The Curve countour stroller- best stroller for a toddler and a baby

A fun little mom hack I picked up with this stroller: My toddler loves to “get out and walk” but whenever I have her in the higher seat, she doesn’t seem to ask as often. So the set up above was my go to in settings where I needed her to ride and not walk.

The Contours Curve is the best stroller for a baby and a toddler

At times when I knew Emmy would be walking, I would always have her in the lower seat. The lap bar across her seat easily lifts up and over to make it easy for her to hop out on her own.

One last note on the comfort the Curve Stroller provides: SHADE!

We live in Houston where it is has been close to 100 degrees for 60 days straight so having a shade cover that can completely cover the girls while we are out and about is important. The Contours Curve has one of the largest shades I have ever seen on a stroller.

I snapped the photo below one morning while on a walk through our neighborhood. The mesh area is the “extended” shade option. You are able to zip it up to make the shade slightly smaller if needed.

The best stroller for Two Under Two- the Contours Curve stoller!

#2. A Manageable Size

One of the biggest issues I have is that most of the strollers we have had in the past do not fit in my car without being broken down into three or four pieces, and even then it was like a hassle to get them in. You had to load it into the trunk in an EXACT way or else it wouldn’t fit. This really discouraged me from ever going anywhere with the girls by myself. It was too much of a pain and I didn’t want to have to stand in a parking lot by myself attempting to get this clunker of a stroller into my car. So, we stayed home a lot. This is definitely not the case now that we are using the Contours Curve stroller.

This Contours Curve fits so easily into the back of my car. No squeezing or slamming.

Another thing I quickly realized about the size of this stroller was it’s length. Previous double strollers I have used seem like they are 15 feet long. The longer the stroller, the more difficult to turn and see exactly what’s in front of you. The Curve stroller is a great length. More on how that helps the overall maneuverability of the stroller below.

#1. It is so simple to maneuver!

Ask my husband about this stroller and this will be the FIRST thing he tells you, and I could not agree with him more… this is the easiest stroller to push, turn, collapse and adjust that we have ever encountered. You can absolutely push and turn this stroller with little effort one handed. It really is hard to put into words, but the Curve stroller just seems to glide.

The easiest stroller to push, turn and maneuver is hands down the contours curve stroller

The curb assist feature is also a game changer for us. Usually, someone has to lift the front of the stroller for me in order to get over a curb, but with the Contours Curve, I can do it solo. For a visual at how the curb assist works, check out this video on the Contours website. 

So if you see me on the streets in the future with our Curve Stroller and ask me how I like it, be prepared for me to get a little excited and go one for a little too long about how much I love it.

The Contours Curve Stroller is available in both blue and grey and can be ordered here on Amazon.  Again, I would highly suggest watching the highlight video of this stroller on the Contours website. 




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