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Baby on a Budget where to find cheap baby clothes

Want your baby to look like a baby Gap model but your wallet has more of a Wal-Mart budget? Yeah, I feel ya.  Luckily, being a mom also makes you incredibly resourceful and able to find ways to dress your kid like a mini fashion icon. Here are my top 7 go-to sites for inexpensive kids clothes.

Crazy 8

I love Crazy 8! I really do feel like the clothes have a much higher quality than what you might find at a normal kids chain store. They usually always have a $8.88 sale on something great! This month it was jeans and I was able to get 3 pairs in the next 3 sizes for Emmy. It is also one of my favorite stores to shop off-season sales. It’s December and I recently purchased 4 summer dresses for Emmy that were each under $9. One of my favorite outfits of Emmy’s was this light floral romper and I kid you not, I must have washed it about 9 times in 2 months and it held up great! Only downside is they don’t carry anything below 6 months. Other than that they are a top pick in my book! Here’s all the current sale items at crazy 8.

Old Navy

My obsession with Old Navy began when I was pregnant. They have some seriously cute maternity wear for great prices!  I would go at least once a week to hunt for deals in their clearance section. Once Emmy was home, the weekly trips weren’t as easy, so I began shopping online. I quickly realized they had a much larger sale selection online. They almost always have a huge selection of baby leggings on sale for only $2.50! Plus, if you select their longest shipping option, you can get shipping for free! They also have a great Super Cash promotion they run about once a quarter. When you spend a certain amount, you get X amount of Super Cash to spend when the time comes. My last super cash deal was about 78 bucks worth of clothing that was on sale for $27. I then used my $10 super cash and spent only $17! You can browse what is currently on sale at Old Navy here. 


Just like Old Navy, Gymboree has  GymBucks that can be spent during a designated time frame. For every $50 you spend, you get $25 in GymBucks. I have noticed that out of all the clearance sections I shop, Gymboree tends to have the greatest selection of in season items in their clearance section. I bought Emmy’s Christmas dress from there. It was originally $55 on sale for $16.50! And this was IN DECEMBER! Here’s what Gymboree currently has on sale. 


One of the only sites where the “clearance” section doesn’t make your cringe. But I don’t just shop at Macy’s during any random day of the week. Once a quarter they have their Friends and Family sale that usually means 30% off of your purchase. Best part- this sale does not exclude clearance items so it’s like one gigantic mom win. If you subscribe to their mailing list you will receive emails letting you know when the big sale is. Also, be sure to check out their “last call” section in the store. It’s always filled with great deals. Shop their clearance kids clothes here. 

Swap is one of the largest online consignment shops for new or gently used baby clothes. They have maternity items too! If you have ever been to a Plato’s Closet- it’s alot like that! Almost everything is name brand. I realized very early on that Emmy was only wearing some of her outfits once or twice before they didn’t fit anymore, yet they still look like new! Swap is a great place to find items just like that. Lightly used for a great price! You could also sell items as well.


Penny’s is my go-to stop for baby pajamas. They carry Carters brand Sleep n’ Plays that are almost always 50% off. I bought a 2-piece romper set in September for $7.99! They also carry Nike, Disney, Osh Kosh, Summer Infant, and a ton of other big named brands. If you keep an eye on their clearance section, you can always find some AMAZING deals. Again, great for off-season buys, not the best for in-season. Here’s what’s currently on sale at JcPenny’s.


If you are a mom, chances are you know about Zuilily. If not, there are a few reasons I love it. Their deals are almost all in season. You will find tons of deals on Winter clothes in the appropriate months. They also support alot of smaller shops which I LOVE! You are also going to find much more unique items on Zuilily that you wouldn’t find in an Old Navy or Gymboree, but they don’t come with the type of price tag you would expect for such unique items.

Just Between Friends

Some of you may be REALLY tired of hearing me talk about this, but it is just too wonderful not to shout it from the roof tops. Just Between Friends (or JBF as the shoppers call it) is a consignment sale. So it isn’t technically an online shopping source, but we can’t talk about baby clothes without talking about the deals at JBF. It is the LARGEST consignment sale out there. The one I go to in Houston takes place in a Sports complex and they fill up 20 basketball courts with clothes, toys, furniture, gear, books…. everything you can think of! To find the sale near you, just Google “Just Between Friends Sale (your city name).

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