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 Non-Baby Items To Stock Up On Before Baby Arrives

Household cleaners

When I first started setting up Emmy’s diaper changing station, I had a cute little frame, her headband holder, hand sanitizer in a stylish soap pump, some lotion from when my hands got dry from said sanitzer. You know what it was replaced with about 4 hours after Emmy was home? Lysol and paper towels. I should have bought stock in the stuff before having a baby. Emmy managed to get poop on the carpet in 3 rooms before she was a month old. Don’t judge my diaper changing skillz- she just always managed to go in the spit second the diaper was off. The bottle of carpet cleaner came in handy and was widely used. Stock up on lots of household cleaners before baby arrives!

Thank You Notes and Stamps

I failed at this one. I will never forget it. I had to venture out to HEB with itty bitty Emmy in tow JUST for stamps to send Thank You notes for all the gifts that had arrived in the few weeks after we brought her home. It was a rough trip to say the least. Pick up a book on your last grocery outing before baby comes and your life will be so much easier.

Paper Plates and Plastic Utensils

I hated doing dishes before Emmy arrived so you can imagine how I felt about them when I was completely sleep deprived. Might as well get some red solo cups while you are at it to ensure the dishwasher loading and unloading is at a minimum.

Freezer Meals

I made about 30 freezer meals before Emmy was born. All but a few were crock pot dump meals. I used about 2-3 of them a week. I stocked up on crock pot liners to make clean up a breeze. I was able to prep all 30 meals in about 3-ish hours. Blog post in the works on how I did it and all the recipes!


You will never experience a fear quiet like the one when the batteries go out on your Rock n’ Play sleeper at 11 P.M. Just stock up and every size they make. It’s a smart move.

Postpartum Items for mama

While I am nowhere near 21, the best postpartum items for me came from Forever 21. I stocked up on their $2.88 leggings and T’s in a few sizes too big just before Emmy arrived and it was such a great move. I cleared out one drawer in my dresser just for all the large clothes I knew would fit me after Emmy arrived. I also purchased some pretty sweet looking, all cotton granny panties that had their own drawer as well. Super plus pads, nipple cream, heating pad, all things you need to have ready to take care of mama when you get home! Oh, don’t forget an extra bottle of dry shampoo!




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