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The Best Toy Subscription Box for Babies and Toddlers

When it comes to toy subscription boxes, we’ve been around the block a time or two. Seriously, if you were to name once, chances are, we have tried it. Yet, we have not found one that left us wanting to continue with further subscriptions. Most of the time, I felt like these boxes were simply bringing in

Then we discovered Lovevery. There are a few BIG reasons this box stood out to me. First of all, the quality of items we received was so much more than I anticipated. These were not junky toys or crafts that would simply add clutter to our home. Instead, they were high-quality, well-made toys. And more so, it was not hard to see that each toy had a purpose behind it. From developing fine motor skills to hand-eye coordination; it was easy to see how each of these toys was helping to boost baby’s brain development. More details below on all the items included in our kit (there were ALOT!) and how they were designed to help baby. 

Kits for Every Age and Stage

Lovevery knows that baby’s brain is quickly developing and needs different stimulation from one stage to the next. Their kits are tailored to engage your baby in the best ways possible to help their development. Kits begin at 0-12 week of age and continue through 24 months. You can browse the kits by stage here. 

What's Inside the Companion Box

We received 10 high quality items in our Lovevery Companion Box.

It’s hard to pick a favorite among our girls (did I mention that even though this box was tailored for Nora’s age, our older toddler, Emmy, loved all the items too!)

The Buckle Barrel was an instant hit. Both my girls love attempting to buckle and unbuckle their car seats each day and this toy was a fun challenge for them. According to the Parent’s Companion Guide that came with the kit, the Buckle Barrel help with bilateral coordination (using both hands together), hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity and pincer grasping. 

The next toy that was very popular was the Nesting Stacking Drip Drop Cups. We’re big fans of building towers around here and knocking them down. These stacking cups help toddlers learn about size relationship. They were also a huge hit during bath time as they have small holes in them for the water to flow through!


The Mosaic Button Board was probably one of my favorite toys. Not only does it help with upright fine motor skills, which help build muscles necessary for writing skills, but it also incorporates color and pattern matching. The puzzle board game with 6 puzzles with dots to match the buttons in a variety of patters. I also loved how the puzzle collapsed to easily store all the buttons in place. 

We also received a set of transfer tweezers and felt stars. We used this alongside the stacking cups. The colors on the cups coordinated with the colors of the stars. We were able to create a fun fine-motor color matching activity! Using these tweezers was a challenge for Nora, but we will continue to work on  the skill using this activity. 

A few of the toys received in the Companion Kit have become our “on the go” toys. We fill the Carry Along Kit with the Montessori Animal Matching Game, the Critter Stickers, the Two-Piece Puzzles, and the Chunky Wooden Jig-Saw puzzle, along with some paper and crayons, and take it with us to restaurants and other trips that require engaging activities for the kiddos. 

The Kit also came with two books, Beau Gets a Check Up  and  Graham Turns Two. These books are designed to help toddlers through the experience of visiting the doctor and having family and friends visit for a party or other event. The Parent’s companion guide was so helpful when it came to helping your toddler process and manage the emotions that may come along with these experiences.  

 It isn’t hard to see why we loved this box so much. The value is unmatched and the items we received will be played with for many months to come.  I would highly recommend this box to anyone with a babe, from newborn to 24 months. 

Browse through the different Lovevery boxes here

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