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The Ultimate diaper stockplie-a list of how many diapers you need in each size!

The idea of running out of diapers was up towards the top of the list of my new mom worst fears. So building a diaper stock pile was something I took pretty seriously. Here is my tried and true list of the ultimate diaper stock pile! Keep in mind that sizes do overlap and that can give you a little bit of wiggle room.  Also, every baby is different! Emmy was 8 pounds 8 ounces and out of newborn size in a week. Nora was in them for almost a month!

The Ultimate diaper stockpile

If you happen to have been gifted a large amount of excess in one size, you can return them. I made calls to my local Target and Walmart to ask if they would exchange an unopened box of Pampers for a different size, without receipt. Here is what each of them had to say:

Target: Yes! Unopened diapers that they carry in stock can be exchanged for a different size. Will need valid drivers license. 

Walmart: Yes. Unopened diapers can be exchanged for a different size. They must carry the type and size you are trying to exchange.

*Please note that some stores may have different policies. For example- the Walmart website says that returns without a receipt may be up to the managers discretion. Please call your local store before going!

Also, if you want some tips on how to save big on diapers, check out my post on how to prepare for baby on a small budget. I’m pretty proud of the set up we have for our monthly diapers and how much it saves us.

Final note: if you have not checked out Amazon Family, I would highly suggest it. Once we hit size 3 and knew we would be more constant with sizes needed, I had Emmy’s diapers and wipes scheduled to be delivered to our home each month. We are still going strong on Nora’s stockpile so I have yet to add her to the monthly delivery!  I get a text a few days before it is scheduled to ship with the details (size, count, etc) to remind me to make any changes if needed. For every item you subscribe to you, you get a discount. I usually pay anywhere from $5-11 cheaper than the cost of in store diapers. Get more details here.

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