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13 Must Haves for Baby’s Medicine Cabinet

Having a sick baby is tough enough, save yourself from further stress by making sure that no matter what ailment baby may be experiencing, you have what they need on hand. 

Here are the 13 must-have medicine cabinet  items we suggest to have on hand for baby.


Keeping an eye on baby’s temperature is important and you want to make sure you are getting an accurate reading. I waited to purchase my thermometer until I met with Emmy’s pediatrician and asked for his suggestion. He wrote down this brand and we have been very happy with it. It has both head and ear options and reads instantly. We also keep a cheap oral thermometer in the diaper bag in case we are out on the go and need to check her temp. I would suggest asking your pediatrician for a recommendation too!

Baby Sunscreen

While you want to keep itty bitty baby out of the sun in those early weeks, eventually they will venture out into the strong sun rays and we want to keep that porcelain skin in prime condition. There are a ton of options for sunscreens! Baby Organics makes this spray that is VERY popular. I have liked using a baby sunscreen stick for Emmy’s face. Which ever brand you go with, make sure you’ve got it on hand!


There are few things on this earth that are more unpleasant than a teething baby. Luckily, there is Orajel to save the day. They make a natural kind that has rave reviews, mine included! I have also read that clove oil is a GREAT natural remedy but have not personally tried it on Emmy just yet.

Gripe Water

I recommend gripe water to just about ever mom I meet. I love the way this stuff almost instantly calms an upset baby tummy. It can help but an end to hiccups too! It comes in a regular and a night time formula. The night time has chamomile to help calm babies and help them get to sleep.  We keep a bottle of both in stock at all times.

Diaper Ointment

Diaper rash is never fun for baby or mom. It can make for one cranky kid. There are alot of diaper rash creams on the market to choose from. I personally use Butt Paste but my best friend swears by this stuff. You can buy smaller sizes of a few types to try to see what works best for baby. Be sure to also have sensitive wipes on hand for baby’s sore bottom.

Nail Clippers

When it comes to nail clippers for baby, you can’t get just any ol’ pair. Baby’s nails are so thin that it can be very easy to clip their skin too. I got these as a baby shower gift and I LOVE THEM! Plus, they have a small magnifier glass so it makes it easy to see baby’s itty bitty nails! Another great option is a baby nail file to avoid having to clip all together. This one is highly trusted by mamas!

Q-tips & Alcohol

These will come in handy when it come time to clean baby’s umbilical cord. Emmy’s pediatrician at the hospital suggested using small wipes like these to make is a little easier.

Boogie Wipes

You will notice quiet a few items on this list are to help with runny noses. It’s a big issue for baby. Boogie wipes come in handy when things get a little messy. Why not just use a regular paper towel or tissue? Well, baby snot has a tendency to get…crusty. I know it’s gross, but it’s true. The boogie wipes have saline in them and it almost seems to soften the snot while cleaning it away. This keeps kiddos from constantly turning their head away in agony as you wipe!


To this day,  Jay still thinks the NoseFrida is disgusting. Does he not see how much it helps out baby girl out? For those of you who haven’t used them, a NoseFrida is basically a small tube that connects from baby’s snotty little nose to mama’s mouth so you can suck the snot out. There is a filter to keep any sort of buggies from entering your mouth!


The Windi is made by the same people that make the Nose frida, so you know it’s legit. But if you think the idea of sucking snot out of your baby’s nose is just horrendous, then this might not be the product for you. The Windi has been called the “butt flute” by Jay since day 1. It’s a small insert that goes into baby’s behind to help get the gas out. It can literally calm a fussy baby in a matter of seconds. If you need more convincing, read the reviews. They make for a great laugh too!

Baby Pain Relief Drops

We are very fortunate that we have only had to use baby pain relief drops on Emmy twice (when she got her vaccinations) but I don’t know what we would have done it we didn’t have them in that moment! Her poor chubby thighs were so sore from the shots. Luckily, we had some drops on hand to get her some relief.  Make sure you run this by your pediatrician before giving to baby.


Emmy came down with a cough mid-November and we went straight to the closet to fetch the humidifier. It’s great for helping clear out any congestion that can lead to a cough. It also comes in handy during the Winter months while you are running the heat in your house. It helps put moisture back into the dry air that might otherwise irritate baby’s throat and sinuses.

Saline Drops

Again with the snot! This one goes hand in hand with the Nosefrida. I usually squirt a little saline before sucking to loosen everything up. I’ve tried a few brands but prefer the Little Remedies because of the ease squirt tube.

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