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So let’s cut to the chase. Grocery shopping takes on a whole new level of difficulty once you have babies.  Sure, there are options out there that can make it easier. I used the Baby Bjorn a few time when Emmy was really little, but once she hit 12 or so pounds, it hurt by back way too much. You could always just put their entire car seat into the cart, but that leaves you with enough room for minimal groceries.It might be easier to roam the grocery isles once baby is able to sit up unassisted, but that might not happen until 6-7 months. What are mamas supposed to do until then?  In comes the Binxy Baby. And all of my grocery shopping problems are long forgotten.

Installing this was so simple. It simply clips onto the edge of the cart and then there is an additional velcro piece that secures it.

I’m not sure who was happier on the grocery trip- me or Emmy! Fair warning, you will probably be stopped by half a dozen moms or more asking where you found such a cool product!

You already know the drill! We love the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock which means we are giving one away! Thanks to Binxy Baby for offering to send one out to one lucky reader! Details on how to win can be found on our Instagram! Just search for the post with the Binxy Baby in it!  *Giveaway CLOSED*

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