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Pre-made Lactation cookie Mix- super quick, easy and tasty way to boost your milk supply!

This post is sponsored by Mommy Knows Best.

Did you know it is clinically proven that you crave more sweets while you are breastfeeding?

I’m actually not sure that is true… but I sure like to use it as my excuse!

So when I find a  treat that satisfied my sweet tooth AND helps keep my milk supply high and healthy… I’m a BIG fan!

Enter Mommy Knows Best pre-made lactation cookie mix.

The BEST pre-made lactation cookie mix.

If you look up any lactation cookie mix recipes, there are going to be a few key you have in any cookie: flour, butter, eggs. Chances are, you have these on hand.

Then there’s the milk makin’ ingredients: brewer’s yeast and flax-seed… We can’t leave out the blessed thistle.  It’s proven to really help boost your supply so should  be included in any GOOD lactation cookie recipe.  Problem is, I wouldn’t even know what isle of the grocery store to look for regular thistle, let alone someone to bless it.

My point is, to create a GOOD and EFFECTIVE lactation cookie, you need some not-so-common ingredients. Sure, we could browse the grocery isles and endlessly search for these things, but let’s not forget we have a baby at home (maybe even two!).

That’s why I love this cookie mix. It’s all in there. The brewer’s yeast, the flax-seed, oats, flour, and yes, even the blessed thistle.  All I had to add to the mix was 2 eggs, butter and water.

They baked for just 10 minutes and came out looking delicious!

There technically isn’t a “suggested serving size” listed on the package so I assumed I should eat them all to get the best results 🙂

I had spent the weekend prior to eating my cookies away from Nora for the first time. While I tried to be diligent with my pumping routine, it didn’t go quite as I planned.

I ended up only pumping twice the first day away and ONCE the second. I was so worried I would see a huge dip in my supply.

So Sunday afternoon I made a batch after arriving home and noticed NO dip in my supply what so ever. By Monday morning, I got a little under 3 ounces in my haakaa from the non-feeding side! That’s a little bit more than average for my first feed of the day!

If you are on the fence, I’d recommend checking out the reviews from all the other breastfeeding mamas on this product.

Pre-made Lactation cookie Mix- super quick, easy and tasty way to boost your milk supply!



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