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How many calories do you burn every day breastfeeding

How many calories do you burn when breastfeeding?

There are so many benefits to being pregnant. Radiant glow, preferential treatment and seats, VIP parking spots, and the (bittersweet) giving in to cravings.

There are also some not so glamorous effects of pregnancy too- like the weight gain from giving in to those cravings!

Regardless, there is an opportunity to shed some pounds postpartum that don’t involve all of the time commitments that come along with going to the gym, or sneaking in a living room workout during nap time when all you want to do is nap, or get to the growing pile of laundry, or clean the kitchen!

Yes, you can lose the baby weight without ever leaving the couch. This is probably one of the best methods I’ve found to drop that baby weight when you don’t have time to hit the gym or jogging trails- simply by breastfeeding!

How many?

The short answer is 427 to 700 calories per day, according to On average, you burn about 20 calories per ounce of breast milk you produce. If your baby eats 30 ounces a day, that’s 600 calories. Some say you start off burning about 300 calories per day, which increases as your baby’s intake increases.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women who breastfed regularly dropped back down to their pre-pregnancy weight within 6 months of breastfeeding their new little bundle of joy! If I could wrap that tidbit of information and gift it to every new mama out there, I would!

The fact that my body is able to produce milk to provide what my baby needs is beneficial in itself, not even considering the convenience and calorie burning benefits to it. I found it so rewarding to nurse my girls, and definitely more inclined to do so knowing that there are so many other positive advantages to breastfeeding.

Keep in mind you still need to take care of your body and give it what it needs to stay healthy and produce milk. Proper nutrition and hydration are at the top of the list when considering how to take care of yourself. has many other tips to ensuring you’ve got all the boxes checked.

Other benefits besides burning calories and losing weight? Oh yes.

There is a certain hormone that is released when you nurse. This hormone helps to get your uterus back to pre-pregnancy size, too! Even better, the hormone releases oxytocin when nursing, giving all you sweet and dedicated mamas out there a natural high of relaxation and euphoria!

Breast milk is the best food for your baby during the first year of life. It helps your baby grow healthy and strong. Nursing protects them from illnesses, too! It gives them the nutrients they need and changes as they grow and develop to continue to provide them with the proper nutrients.

Want to nurse your baby but finding that you simply can’t produce what your baby needs? Here are several helpful ways to produce more!

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