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Overnight oatmeal for lactation support. Filled with ingredients to help increase your milk suppy

Overnight Oats for Lactation Support

I cannot even begin to describe how chaotic things are in our home first thing in the morning. From the time both babies wake (which has recently been at the exact same time), my husband and I are in constant go mode.

Diaper changes for both, Emmy needs to brush her teeth and get dressed for school, Nora needs to nurse, Emmy needs breakfast and a sippy cup filled with her morning glass of milk,  my husbands time at home comes to an end as he realizes he is already late for work and just like that, I realize it is 9 AM and I haven’t even had breakfast myself yet!

I tell you all of this to give you a little insight as to why I LOVE this overnight oats recipe. Not only is it great for lactation support, it also tastes better than anything I can eat with no morning prep time. Here’s the details on it:

-Be sure to make this in a closed-lid container. I love using mason jars!

-Make the night before. It will needs about 5-6 hours to really soften and mix the flavors together.

-I like to sweeten mine with peanut butter and honey. Brewers Yeast is not exactly the best tasting thing in the world and this works for me. A few readers who have made my lactation smoothie say that coco powder, honey and strawberries work well to mask the taste. Try to find what works best for you and your taste buds. That’s the great thing about this recipe! It can really be customized to your liking!


-1/2 Cup Rolled Oats

-3/4 to 1 cup of milk (it depends on how soupy you like your oatmeal, I prefer mine pretty thick and stick with 3/4 a cup. Any milk of choice works here)

-1 tablespoon Flaxseed

-1 tablespoon Brewers Yeast

-2 tablespoons of Peanut Butter (Tip- spray your measuring spoon with non-stick spray before scooping to make is easier to get it into the jar!)

Add all ingredients to the mason jar and mix well. Place in the fridge until the next morning.

I add honey in the morning, and the amount varies depending on how sweet I want it!

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