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Lactation iced coffee

Lactation Iced Coffee Recipe (Made with Milk Dust Protein Powder)

One of the largest issues breastfeeding women face is keeping up their milk supply. This was something I struggled with both of my daughters. As time went on, I found quite a few methods to keep my supply up.

Tips for Increasing Your Milk Supply

First of all, drinking water is SO important for a healthy milk supply. I aim to drink at least 80 ounces per day. Try to create a habit of filling your large water bottle each morning and setting a timer to refill it within a certain amount of time. Healthy hydration is essential for maintaining milk supply!

Secondly, I try to eat foods that contain ingredients that boost milk supply. These include fenugreek, Brewer’s yeast and fennel. You can read more about these foods and how they help boost milk supply in this post.

High Milk Supply Must Haves for all Breast Feeding Mamas

These ingredients are not typically found in everyday foods, however they are easy to add into a variety of recipes. I’ve made lactation muffins, lactation oatmeal, and even a lactation green goddess smoothie.

And today I’m sharing my recipe for lactation iced coffee!

Lactation Iced Coffee Recipe

To make this recipe, I add about 12 ounces of iced coffee (just coffee and milk of choice, no ice yet!) to a shaker bottle.

Remember, about 300 mg of caffeine is safe while breastfeeding. Ensure you are not consuming more than that when making this recipe. As someone who just enjoys drinking coffee throughout the day, I brew half-caff to keep my caffeine below 300 mg.

Next, add 1 scoop of Milk Dust Protein Powder to your shaker cup and blend well. I used the Milk Dust Vanilla flavor, however, they also have fudge brownie flavor as well. You can shop their flavors here.

Milk Dust Protein Powder is packed with nutrients to support healthy lactation. In just 1 scoop of powder, there is red raspberry leaf, Brewer’s yeast, fenugreek, and fennel seeds.

Once well blended, pour over ice and enjoy!

The Golden Rule of Making More Milk

Drinking lactation smoothies and eating overnight oats with galactagogues in them is not enough to increase you milk supply. If you truly want to increase your summerly, follow the Milk Supply Golden Rule: if you want to make more, you have to take more. Meaning you need to send a signal to your body that you are upping the demand for the milk, so start making more supply to meet that demand.

You can do this by adding in a pumping session 1 hour after feeding baby. Aim to pump for a minimum of 15 minutes, but no longer than 30 minutes. If at first you do not have a large amount of milk coming out, do not be discouraged! It can take 2-3 days for your body to catch up with the new demand. Stick with the process!

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