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Silverettes Are a Miracle Product for Breasfeeding Mamas!

One of the most common complaints from new breastfeeding mothers is nipple discomfort. This comes in the form of sore, cracked, even bleeding nipples. There is a wide range of reasons that this occurs and most mothers report the issues subsiding within a week or two. But what do you do during that time to help repair your nipples and ease the discomfort? This is where silverette nipple covers come in to save the day. These little miracle workers are made from 925 silver, which has antibacterial properties and are designed to help repair and soothe sore and damaged nipples. I can speak from experience when I say, they WORK! Here’s how to use them:

You will want to wear your nipple covers a majority of the time when not feeding baby during those first few weeks. Simply place them over your nipple inside of your nursing bra. While wearing the silverettes alone with help , there are a few things you can do in combination when wearing them to help speed up the recovery process. You can apply a nipple cream (this is the one I use, organic and lanolin free) to the nipple prior to covering it with your silverette. You can also apply some of your own breastmilk to the affected nipple area when allow it to air dry while covered by the silverette. I also found it to be extra beneficial to make a “breastmilk bath” inside my silverette from my own breastmilk. I would put a few drops inside the cut of the silverette, then allow my nipple to soak in the milk while inside the silverette. This shows you just how powerful the healing properties of breastmilk can be!

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The silver coating also helps to prevent bacteria from growing, which can reduce the risk of infection. Plus, the covers are non-toxic, so you don’t need to worry about your baby ingesting anything harmful after removing the silverette from your nipple for a feeding.

When it’s time to remove the nipple cover, make sure you do so gently. If it’s sticking to your nipple, pour a little warm water over it to loosen it up before peeling it off.

Overall, silverette nipple covers are a great way to help repair and soothe sore and damaged nipples during breastfeeding. They’re easy to use and can provide quick relief. Don’t hesitate to give them a try if you’re struggling with cracked or sore nipples.

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