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Four Ways to Use Breastmilk that has Gone Bad

Breastmilk is amazing stuff. It’s the perfect food for baby, packed with all the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. But what about when baby is finished breastfeeding and you’re left with a freezer full of expired breastmilk? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of uses for it! Here are four of our favorites.

Soothe Sunburn

The next time you or your little one gets a sunburn (or anyone in your family!), try applying some expired breastmilk to the area. The milk will help to soothe the burn and speed up the healing process. Simply soak a wash cloth in the expired milk, ring out the excess, and place it on the burned area for 15-20 minutes.

Fight Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is that pesky dry, flaky skin that can show up on a baby’s scalp. It’s harmless, but it can be unsightly—and it can be tough to get rid of. But if you massage a little expired breastmilk into your baby’s scalp, you can help to loosen the dry skin and get rid of cradle cap for good.

Make Lotion

Expired breastmilk makes an excellent natural lotion. Just mix equal parts milk and water, add a few drops of essential oil (optional), and apply it to your skin like you would any other lotion. Your skin will love the moisture!

Fertilize Your Plants!

If you have plants that need a little extra boost, try using expired breastmilk as fertilizer. The nutrients in the milk will help your plants to grow stronger and healthier. Just mix 1 part milk to 10 parts water, and use it as you would any other plant fertilizer.

So there you have it—four surprising ways to use expired breastmilk. The next time your milk expires, don’t toss it out! Put it to good use instead with one of these creative ideas.

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