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How we make dinning out with two kids easy- A toddler restuarant kit!

Toddler Restaurant Kit

With a two year old and a nine month old, you might assume that going out to eat might be something our family avoids like the plague. But to be honest, I need a change of scenery at least once a week after being home with the girls all day. So in order to be able to have an enjoyable evening out at a restaurant with both girls, we’ve gotten a little creative and made a restaurant kit for the girls.

Most of the items in our kit came from either the dollar store or the dollar section of Target. When picking out items, we try to select things that we can do with our daughters while we are at the table.

What to Put In Toddler Restaurant Kit

-3 coloring pages torn out from a book

-construction paper for drawing

-a slinky

-Chalk (the front of the box is a chalkboard)

-Shape Cards from Target Dollar Section


-Sticker Book (we ordered this one from Amazon and LOVE IT! It’s lasted us at least 3 months)

-and the most popular item of all… the Mini I Spy Sensory Bottles! You can view how we make our sensory bottles in this post. I found these small bottles at Joann’s!

Mini sensory bottles for our toddlers restaurant kit!

If you need some more fun ideas, you can check out our daily activity bins for toddler post. It has a list of other small items and activities that keep our toddler busy!

Now, let’s talk about the actual kit. What should you put all your entertainment items in? There’s a few options. First up: Amazon Find 

The kit shows below is perfect for on the go entertainment. It fold up for easy transportation and expands to provide a great play space. It has individual compartments to keep things organized too! And the price can’t be beat! You can see more photos of this restaurant kit here. 

Toddler Restaurant Kit

Now, for the details on the box we have used and is shown in the photos,

It’s a solid wood carrying kit with a chalk board lid (it’s dry erase on the opposite side). My mother purchased it from Personalized Busy Boxes as a gift for Emmy at the Houston Rodeo. I instantly fell in love with it the first time I saw it and knew it would be very well used!

How we make dinning out with two kids easy- A toddler restuarant kit!

I reached out to Kristyn, the owner of Personalized Busy Boxes to get a little more information from her before creating this post. Her boxes are $28 and she can ship them anywhere in the US. Her and her husband personally make each box! The price includes customizing it and a few little fun items inside for your little one. She has a variety of designs she can do on the outside, although she cannot do any trademarked designs (Mikey Mouse, Star Wars. etc). You can contact her by emailing her at

Toddler Restaurant Kit. A great way to make dining out with kids easy!

We hope you love these boxes as much as we do! Be sure to check out the rest of our toddler activities below:

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