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Valentine's Day Activity for kids and toddlers

Any day that gives you an excuse to eat something extra sweet is a good day in my book!

These pretzel sticks were easy as pie to make and only took about half an hour from start to finish. They were perfect for Emmy’s age… no matter how she sprinkled, they came out looking really pretty! If you are looking for a longer activity for your kiddos, you can make moreĀ  pretzels or add more decoration stations and options.


  • Melt candy melts as instructed on the package
  • Dip pretzels and decorate as desired
  • Lay on wax paper
  • Once you have filled your sheet, place in the fridge until candy melt has hardened.

Once we got everything set up, Emmy and I had a nice little assembly line going. I would dip the pretzels in the icing and she would do the sprinkles.

Valentines Day Craft for Kids and Toddlers!

I was pretty thorough with set up to ensure things didn’t get too messy. We set up a small table in our kitchen (over tile floors to make clean up easier) and put a table cloth over it. I also used a small tray to try to catch as many of the excess sprinkles as possible. To be honest, clean up was so much easier than I imaged It would be.. I took the table cloth outside and shook it once we were don’t and did a quick sweep over the floors and that was it!

I think the fact that I was doing the dipping really helped keep things tidy. If you kids are old enough to dip, use a disposable table cloth (or shower curtain) and just toss it once you are done.


Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day!


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