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Watching our children’s minds grow is one of the great joys of parenthood! It feel like just yesterday we were trying to teach Emmy to identify mama and dada, and today we are working on our colors! Time sure has flown by but it has given us so many wonderful memories in the mean time!

Here are a few of our current activities we are doing in our household to learn our basic colors!

Popsicle Stick Color Sort

Popsicle Stick Color Sort- A fine motor skill and Sensory Activity for Toddlers. We made it using color coding sticker, an egg carton and popsicle sticks! It was a huge hit with our two year old!

We made this activity using an egg carton, popsicle sticks and color coding stickers I ordered off of Amazon. To be honest, that pack of stickers was the inspiration for every activity we have here! I was able to get a HUGE pack for a great price. Seriously, I’m pretty sure Emmy will be going off to college and I will still be trying to find crafts to do with these stickers. You can find them here.

I used a thin knife to cut the holes in the egg carton. I made sure the hold was large enough to easily get the popsicle stick in there. I used the same stickers to add colors to both ends of the popsicle sticks!

Sorting Toys by Color

I SO wish that I got a video of this activity in action! It was so funny to watch! I don’t know how it turned into a “race to empty the basket” activity, but it did and it was hilarious! Emmy was working so hard to move as fast as possible while also focusing on what she was doing. So if you’ve got an energetic 2 year old with energy to burn, this is the perfect activity!

Toy Color Sorting Activity

Toy Color Sorting Activity

Color Sorting Stickers

I told you that pack of stickers was going to a long way!

This activity was great because it once again worked those fine motor skills! It took Emmy an extra little bit of concentration to figure out how to get them off of the sheet, but she got the hang of it eventually!

Color matching to help our toddler learn her colors!
Color sorting activities to help toddlers learn colors


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