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I think many toddler moms out there would agree with me… if we could bottle up the energy that our children have and sell it, we would be rich beyond our wildest dreams.

In those moments when you child seems to be running like the energizer bunny, it can be tough to think of a high energy activity. A few of my past favorites have been putting on music and calling for a “dance party” or blowing up a balloon and asking Emmy if she can make it touch the ceiling. Both of those usually keep her on her feet and moving for a good amount of time.

My one of my new favorite: a DIY obstacle course made from items around your home!

There are really no limits to creating a course for your little one.

obstacle course for toddlers. Great Indoor activity for rainy or snowy days!

For our obstacle course, we started by going under the table (decorated with streamer’s with extra excitement), then onto the “balance beam”, which was a small rolled up rug. The we jumped over the “hurdles” which I made by just tying streamers to a few toy boxes. Then we ran around the chair and finished with a trip down the slide.

High energy activity for kids and toddlers- A DIY obstacle course!

Challenge your kiddo to climb over an ottoman. “Walk the plank” on a piece of painters tape on the ground. Finish off by leaping into a pile of pillows.

Once they’ve got their obstacle course down, challenge them to do it backwards or time them to see how fast they can do it!

Hopefully this puts some of that energy to good use!

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