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Cheerios are by far the most loved snack in our house. We’ve tried just about every flavor, from classic to chocolate and they have all been a hit. However, they seem to end up in a lot of places OTHER than my toddlers mouth. Enter the Cheerio necklace.

This is probably the most simple “craft” I have ever done, yet the most time consuming for my toddler. She carried her necklace around for about 2 hours just working on it and snacking. She lost interest shortly after that, but there were still Cheerios left on the string. So I simply placed it in a ziplock to keep them from going stale and handed it to her again the next day!

All you need is some string (we used bakers twice) and your favorite flavor of Cheerios, although fruit looks or any other string-able cereal would work! I have also seen mamas add some pretzels on the necklaces as well.

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