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17 Outdoor Activities for your toddler

17 OutDoor Activities to do with your Toddler

Spring is the beginning of all things new. In a toddler’s eyes, everything is new to them. Their love for investigating begins at this age. Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of the extra energy and curiosity and to get out and explore with them. Here are some outside ideas to enjoy with your toddler this spring:

1. Go on a hike. Look for signs of spring (green grass, flowers blooming, leaves on trees). Crayon Freckles has an adorable free printable here you can use.

2. Plant a seed.Talk about caring for the plant by being gentle, watering it and putting it in a sunny place.

3. Play with bubbles. Use different size wands or make your own out of straws and string. Here are 7 inventive recipes to make your own from Baby Savers.

4. Investigate with a magnify glass. Go on an outdoor investigation with hand held magnify glasses to find signs of spring in your own yard.

5. Play in the rain. Gear up in your rain boots and rain coats and head out to splash in puddles. Don’t forget your umbrellas, too!

6. Use sidewalk chalk. Make a hopscotch, trace their body on the sidewalk, create an obstacle course. If you’re looking for a homemade chalk paint, be sure to look at this one at Happiness is Homemade.

7. Find a park your toddler has never been to.

8. Go on a scavenger hunt. With a brown paper bag, collect as many treasures as you can find. Put all the findings in a bowl and make your own stone soup.

9. Ball toss with bean bags and hula hoops in the yard. For some other hula hoop ideas, be sure to take a peak at Playground Parkbench.

17 outdoor activities to do with your toddler!

10. Create a pet rock. Go for a walk in search of a rock. Go home and paint it and then place it outside.

11. Make a bird feeder out of string and cheerios. My Little Three and me has a great post with how to create this with pipe cleaners. Read it here.

12. Play in the dirt. Get our your shovels, hand rakes, or even some toy cars/trucks you don’t mind getting dirty. Busy Toddler has a creative idea of adding in a carwash element.17 outdoor activities to do with your toddler!

13. Pour cups of water into different sized containers. (Cups, bowls, strainers, measuring spoons). For added fun, dye the water with food coloring.

14. Have a picnic lunch. Have your toddler help pack the lunch before. Smashed peas and carrots has very helpful ideas to help your picnic go smoothly, here.

15. Play catch or kick with a bouncy outdoor ball.

16. Make Moon Sand! Chances are, you already have all the ingredients on hand! Here’s the instructions and recipe!

17. Paint with Edible Finger Paint- Snack time and activity time wrapped into one! See the full blog post on how to make this sweet craft here.

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