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Pin the Tail on the Turkey. A Thanksgiving activity and coloring page for toddlers and kids. Free Thanksgiving Printable!

Our family has begun the process of ironing out our Thanksgiving plans. While we are still not sure on every detail yet, we know that there will be some time in the car for our kiddos and a lot of time spent at relatives houses.

This means we will definitely need some holiday entertainment for our toddler. I’ve alway believed that new toys and entertainment items are the best way to go when you REALLY need them to stay occupied. Typically, I would head to the dollar store and pick up a variety of knick-knacks, but this year, with her really enjoying coloring, I figured I would make some printable coloring pages that were Thanksgiving themed!

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Free Thanksgiving Printables Coloring Pages for toddlers, preschoolers and kids!

This fun coloring page has officially been dubbed “Pin the Tail on the Turkey”. This name came about while my daughter and I were doing it together for the first time, we used double-sided tape for the feathers versus glue (which was a very wise choice as it was mess-free). As I would place the tape on a feather and hand it to Emmy, she would pin it on and at the end of the craft she said the turkey has a “beautiful tail”. And so it because Pin the Tail on the Turkey!

You can download the free printable turkey tail activity by clicking here.

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