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How to dye spaghetti for sensory play

How to Color Spaghetti for Sensory Play

With Nora being 11 months old and Emmy just passing the two-year mark, it’s rare to find sensory activities they both enjoy. Nora’s love of putting everything in her mouth usually excludes her from Emmy’s activities and Emmy is usually bored with Nora’s.

But this rainbow spaghetti was a perfect for both of them!

How to dye spaghetti for sensory activity

What started out as a fun, clean activity escalated very quickly.If you plan to do this, I would recommend putting a shower curtain down. The spaghetti is made with a little bit of oil and that helped it slide right off of the shower curtain back into the tub. I just collected all the spaghetti in the center, kind of funneled the curtain and within a few seconds, everything was back in the sensory bin.

Sensory activities for baby and toddler- rainbow spaghetti!



Here’s here’s how we made the spaghetti:

  • Cook the spaghetti as you regularly would. We did two boxes to make the amount you see here.
  • Drain as usual. I rinsed with cool water while it was still in the colander to keep it from sticking together.
  • Once drained and cooled, add a small (very small) amount of oil and toss.
  • Add a few drops of food coloring and mix well
  • Lay spaghetti out on parchment paper to dry for about 1 hour

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