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 What's in my hospital bag the second time around- First time advice from a second time mom! C-section hospital bag check list

Hospital Bag Packing List

How ironic is it that just one year ago I wrote a blog post titled “If I Could Repack My Hospital bag” and here I am… repacking a hospital bag!

Just three more weeks until we are scheduled to meet our second little girl! I packed a lot of non-essentials the first time and learned a lot about what you really need and what you do NOT need when you head to the hospital. Here’s the details on what I’m packing this year for the hospital!

By the way- for any mama’s reading this who plan to breastfeed, I would highly recommend taking the Milkology online class to prepare you! Even if you have breastfed before and plan to with your 2nd, 3rd or 4th, it is a WONDERFUL refresher course. It’s just $19 and you take the whole thing from the comfort of your home (no pants required!) Here’s the link.

What to Pack for Mama


An absolute must have for the hospital! I’m packing two this year, one that I was ok with getting dirty and special ones for pictures with my girls (insert heart eye emoji here). I knew of a few brands that had matching robes and swaddles for baby, but I wanted Emmy to be included! I searched high and low for a shop that could make outfits for all three of us!

Emmy and I got pretty excited the day our robes came and tried them on for size!What's In my Hospital Bag The Second Time Around. I learned alot after having my first daughter with what I REALLY needed when it came to making the big trip!

We ordered a matching swaddle and headband for little sis too! You can order them from Comfy Mommys Etsy shop here.

What's In My Hospital Bag The Second Time Around... I learned alot after the birth of my first daughter as so what you ACTUALLY need!

Nursing Bras

I know I have mentioned these bras dozens of times on my blog, but I really do love them! I’ll be taking the Kindred Braverly nursing bras with me again! The reason I think I favor these bras so much over others is because of how thick the band is. It comes down low in the back which gives me extra support.

I also packed a regular nursing bra just in case.


I’ll be delivering in November so with the cold weather I’ll be taking my Ugg slippers. I think I have had them for about 10 years now and always love pulling them out when the cooler months come!

I will also be taking a pair of those $2 Old Navy flip flops for the shower.


So I’m not sure how much I will use my ChapStick this time around since I am not laboring, but I depended on it so much last time that I can’t risk leaving it behind.

When you are in labor for a long time and constantly mouth breathing, your lips get very dry. Now I know I won’t be able to eat or drink the day of my C-section so I assume that may caused them to be chapped? Either way, mint flavored Chapstick is so refreshing!

Clothes for Coming Home

I had a hard time with this one. Last time, I delivered in July so I woke a Maxi dress home. It was great because it left my C-section incision without irritation from a pant waist. This year, it will be much cooler. So I decided to just take leggings and a oversized, light weight, long sleeve t-shirt. I will honestly probably just wear my slippers home, but packed my go-to mom shoes just in case.

We live about 5 minutes from the hospital (if even that) so I can change back into my robe and comfy clothes quickly!

My Own Towel

Hospital towels are like sand paper. If you have the room, take your own. It’s just one more thing that will make you feel comfortable.


Besides the obvious items like toothbrush and toothpaste, a few of my must have items: dry shampoo and Colgate Wisps. Because I am having a C-section, I will not be able to walk for some time, meaning I will not be able to get up and brush my teeth. It drove me CRAZY last time. So I’m taking these nifty little disposable toothbrushes with me!

What's In my Hospital Bag The Second Time Around

Just as a side note: to save space, I did spend about $10 and purchase travel sizes for all the necessities (shampoo, toothpaste, etc.) I also figured in the event that baby comes early, I don’t want to have to remember to grab my deodorant, body wash and all the other bathroom items. I would rather just be prepared and have it all ready to go!

Button Up Pajamas

Last time I took nursing night gowns and they were very difficult to breastfeed in. This time, I’m taking night gowns and 1 pajama and shirt set that button up the front. It will make is to much easier for baby to breastfeed!

My Camera

I recently took the plunge and bought myself a big girl camera. I did not take NEAR enough photos when Emmy was born (or what I did take came out looking terrible on my iPhone) and I really regret it. With the camera pack I bought, it came with a ton of extras, including a carrying bag. I have it ready to go with an extra battery, extra memory card, a few different lenses and other gadgets. I am really looking forward to being able to capture some of my OWN photos of my little one! (To all new moms- be sure to check out my tips for taking better pictures of your baby!)

Extra Long Phone Charging Cord

I had to spend a night in the hospital at 35 weeks with this pregnancy and one of the things I noticed was there was no outlet even remotely close to my hospital bed. So I ordered a phone charger with a 10 foot cord (it actually came with 2, so Jay gets one too!)! With having Emmy away from us for so long, I just really wanted to be sure I could have my phone close by at all times!

What to Pack for Baby Daddy


They keep the hospital cooooooold. Like poor hubs teeth were chattering last time. He had to ask his parents to stop by our house and bring him warmer clothes when they first came to meet Emmy. I personally didn’t think it was THAT bad (blame the extreme rush or hormones) but I was also under a lot of blankets in bed.


Much like the towels, hospital pillows suck. Take a few extra so that he can get a good nights rest. If you are worried about them getting dirty, buy a few cheap cases that you can throw away.


Trail mix, protein bars, anything quick and easy is best! My husband is OBSESSED with Belvita crackers so we packed a few of those as well. Last time we took enough to feed a small arm, this time we are toning it down… a lot.

A little daddy gift

Luckily, my husband doesn’t read my blog… if he did I wouldn’t be able to share this! All of us girls have our cute little matching robes so I wanted to get something fun for him too, so I ordered him this baby daddy t-shirt. He will probably act all cool and play it off when I give it to him, but I know he will love it and secretly be really excited to wear it.

UPDATE: He loved the shirt! I think it’s been worn every week since we brought Nora home.

What to pack For Baby

Boppy pillow

This was one of the BIGGEST life savers my first time around. My IV cords made it very difficult for be to get a good handle on baby when nursing. Especially when it came to switching sides. The boppy made it so so so much easier!

Coming home outfit

I’m getting a little emotional even thinking about it. This year, we are taking the same coming home outfit that we took for Emmy last year. It isn’t anything soo special, just a onesie, leggings and jacket, that way no matter the weather, we are prepared!

Halo Swaddlers

I did not discover the Halo Swaddlers until Emmy was around 2 months old. We unfortunately had to throw all of hers away after she outgrew them (thanks diaper blowouts) and so I was sure to order 2 in every size for new baby. While I love the good ol’ fashioned hospital blankets, these are just so much easier to maneuver and stay in place no matter how many times you pass baby around.


We are a binky family! I used them to soothe Emmy until she was about 3 months old and plan to do the same with #2. We also are going to be using “ellie” again to help keep the pacifier from falling out of baby’s reach.

A few other things to note that we are doing differently from last year:

  • My husband and I are packing ONE rolling suitcase bag. Last year we each had an over the shoulder bag and it was just too much work (for him, not me 🙂 obviously)
  • Last year, I made Padsicles. Obviously, with knowing I will be having a C-section, I’m not making them. If you plan to delivery vaginally, I would definitely suggest making a batch! You can see the DIY instructions here

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