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The Top Baby Names of 2023

Whether it’s intentional or not, new parents tend to stick to trends when it comes to naming their little ones. Perhaps it’s due to a need to keep up with the times or a desire to give the baby a name that stands out. Either way, the result is several babies born within a few months of each other having similar names, even though this happens by sheer accident. 

If you have been looking for baby names that sound fresh, look into the future. This way, your choice will be cutting-edge from the start. Need some inspiration? Here is a look at some emerging baby name trends that are set to explode in 2023.

According to Nameberry, the hottest names in 2023 will be based on what’s happening in the world. Other up-and-coming trends include old-fashioned baby names, names from popular TV shows like Yellowstone and Big Sky, gender-neutral baby names, names with the letter X, and pop-culture-inspired baby names. 

Here is a look at some of the popular names you can expect to see in 2023 (for both boys and girls) and the trends that inspired them. 

Gender-neutral baby names 

Largely driven by the changes we are seeing in the world, these are becoming more and more popular each year. Examples include:

  • Ashley
  • Drew
  • Emery
  • Skylar
  • Spencer

Maximalist names 

Less is no longer more with these names. Popular maximalist names in 2023 include: 

  • Amadeus
  • Lysander
  • Wolfgang
  • Wednesday
  • Cassiopeia

Shiny, glittering, gilded names

These are becoming increasingly popular after the dark and trying times a lot of moms and dads have been through in recent years. Examples include:

  • Goldie
  • Sunshine
  • Aurelia
  • Apollo
  • Lucien

Old-fashioned baby names 

These are making a comeback in 2023 as well. Examples: 

  • Adelaide
  • Eleanor
  • Clarence
  • Leopold
  • Thaddeus

80’s pop-culture names

These are so out they’re in. Here are a few examples: 

  • Chrissy
  • Blane
  • Robin
  • Laurel
  • Penny

Tips on how to pick the best name for your baby in 2023

Whether you are thinking about something traditional or unique, or perhaps you have zero ideas on what name to choose for your little one, picking that perfect name for your baby can be a rather stressful experience. Here are some tips to help you get it right:

  • Start with a specific category. You can base the name choice on many factors, such as family names (such as grandparents’ names or family traditions), cultural/ethnic names, place names (such as countries or cities), pop-culture names (celebrity names or names from TV shows), religious names, and other categories such as seasons, nature, colors, mythology, history, and so on. 
  • You don’t have to give your child a middle name. If you choose to give them one, you can give them a name that other members of the family have, a fun name that you just like, or a gender-specific middle name if they have a gender-neutral first name. 
  • For the last name, you have fewer options; the father’s last name, the mother’s last name, a combination of the two, or a hyphenated version of the two. Some families sometimes choose to ignore all this completely and give the child a completely different last name. 
  • Sticking to family traditions: sometimes, this can play a huge role in how you name your child. For example, some families give all boys the same name, adding Junior, Senior, or roman numerals after it. Other traditions include honoring dead relatives, honoring your ancestry, or maintaining the same initials for everyone in the family. 

Final Thoughts

Naming your baby is an exciting experience. It can also be stressful. When you consider the fact that you are giving this tiny human a name that they will have to use for a lifetime, it can be downright anxiety-inducing. At the end of the day though, as long as you choose a name that both you and your partner are happy with, your little one will love it as well. Just enjoy the process! Good luck!

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