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The Third Trimester Checklist. Every thing moms-to-be need to do!

I cannot believe that I am saying this, but I am nearing my third trimester. How is this even possible? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was announcing we were expecting!

But here we are! The big day will be here before I know it. I’ve always been the list making type, so I’ve put together a list of the big things that need to be taken care of in these last few weeks:

Take your Breastfeeding Class

It’s the greatest thing you can do for both you and baby if you prepare to breastfeed! I took the online class from Milkology after I had already breastfed one baby and it still blew my mind with all it taught me.  As I was watching, I kept thinking back to struggles I had with my first daughter thinking “it would have helped to know this the first time around!”. You can view all the class curriculum here. 

Pack Your Hospital Bag

It’s the most important bag you will ever pack! Read up on what I would change if I had a chance to go back and re-pack mine here.

Prepare baby’s Car Seat

You want to be able to take your time installing to be sure you have done it properly. You will also want to give yourself enough time to have it inspected to make sure it is 100% safe for baby. Do this around your 34th week of pregnancy.

Have a pediatrician selected

You will have to provide this information to the hospital before leaving. More importantly. you want to give yourself time to pick the best one. Check out our guide to selecting one here.

Clean House

You may not need to technically “add” this one to your list. As a mama to be, your natural nesting instincts will kick in and you will want to clean top to bottom. Be sure you are using cleaning items that are safe for you and baby and don’t hesitate to reach out for help if needed.

If you don’t have a local cleaning company you’ve used, check out Amazon home cleaning services. I’ve heard wonderful things and their pricing is very competitive to other companies I’ve contacted.

Wash baby clothes

Always leave this for last. The gifts will continue to flow in and you want to wash and organize all at once to make it easier on yourself. Make sure you are using detergent that is safe for baby!

Contact your Insurance

Every insurance company and coverage plan has their own policies. With my first child, I called didn’t have to do much before hand, but I still made the call to let them know when I was being induced. They gave me some information on how long I could stay, where I was with my deductible, etc. However, for my second baby, my new issuance requires pre-authorization for my C-section which is a whole drawn out process I have already started. Make the call early on in your third trimester to make sure you give yourself enough time to get any extra paperwork complete. I’ve written up a full list of questions you should ask here.

Preregister at the hospital

This one goes hand and hand with #6. When it’s go time for baby, you don’t have time to fill out paperwork, provide copies of insurance and ID. Pre-registering makes it so you can walk in and get the baby delivery show on the road.

Prepare Parents Room for Baby

While baby’s nursery is probably already cute as can be and fully stocked, do you have your room ready for baby? He or she will be sleeping close by you for up to the first year. You will need to make sure you have all that important supplies close by to keep you from running back and forth between baby’s room. We even went so far as to move baby’s glider into our bedroom so I could feed comfortably in the middle of the night.

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