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Name ideas for baby girl

Naming a baby isn’t exactly the easiest thing. Chances are, if you are here reading this, you already know that!

There are so many “boxes” you may want to check when it comes to naming your little one. Perhaps you want the name to be trendy, but you also want to include a family name. Maybe you want the name to be unique, but you don’t want it to be difficult to pronounce.

In the end, my suggestion to expectant mothers is to make a list of the possibilities and work from there. If you are not dead set on deciding before baby gets here, then take the list to the hospital with you and decide one you have your little girl in your arms.

Here’s a list of 30 elegant and sophisticated baby girl names:

  1. Charlotte
  2. Calista
  3. Juliette
  4. Katherine
  5. Elizabeth
  6. Hannah
  7. Elyse
  8. Simone
  9. Margot
  10. Nora
  11. Grace
  12. Madeline
  13. Camilla
  14. Claire
  15. Evelynn
  16. Liliana
  17. Meredith
  18. Victoria
  19. Sophia
  20. Audrey
  21. Lucy
  22. Clara
  23. Eliza
  24. Penelope
  25. Cora
  26. Evelyn
  27. Eleanor
  28. Emily
  29. Anna
  30. Abigail


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