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Creating and delivering a child is the greatest ability of the female body. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. Delivery is just as beautiful, however you need to be prepared for recovery. Your body goes through alot when it comes to bringing your tiny human into the world and it needs special care in those weeks following the big day.  20+ mom bloggers have come together to share their postpartum recovery tips. Thanks to all the wonderful woman who contributed to this post. If you have a recovery tip to share, please be sure to comment

If you are preparing for childbirth, you have to read “If I could re-pack my hospital bag”. It includes a list of what ended up being a waste, what I wish I had and what I couldn’t have lived without when I delivered my daughter! Read it here.

“I have delivered 2 babies vaginally, my son in 2014 and my daughter in 2016. While I was prepared for soreness, I was not ready for the discomfort I had from my stitches. After a quick call to my mama, I made some” padsicles“. I soaked pads in witch hazel, aloe, and lavender essential oil and threw them in the freezer. It was so nice to pull one out, whenever I needed some extra soothing. When I had my daughter, I packed a few to take with me and they were so nice immediately following delivery.”  (View the padsicle making guide here. )

Aryn from With Cream and Sugar

(P.S. Aryn is a lactation consultant and we had the chance to interview her! We asked her a ton of common questions new moms have when it comes to breastfeeding. Read the interview here!)

“In February of 2015 I was able to experience the natural childbirth of my
daughter. One of the best recovery decisions I made was actually what I did before
my daughter was born. I made about a months worth of freezer meals and collected
menus for the restaurants in our area. This enabled my hubby and I to be able to get
our much needed rest and focus on our new baby without having to spend too much
time making sure we were fed.”

Tiffany from Short Sweet Mom

“My daughter was born vaginally in August 2015. While my body recovered well from labor everything was still a bit tender (go figure right??). I found using a post-partum pad spray containing witch hazel, pure aloe juice, clary sage,lavender essential oils and frankincense essential oils mixed with water to be beyond helpful. It was soothing, cool and healed me up in what seemed like no time. Now it’s a gift I give to all my pregnant friends!” (see how popular these padsicles are! Seriously… check out how to make them here)

Shelby from Fit As A Mama Bear

“I felt pressure to have a natural childbirth and so I made that my plan. Well let me tell ya, after 20 hours of labor the famous words: ” I want the epidural” came out of my mouth! Guess what? My daughter arrived all the same. So my advice to moms now is: don’t be hard on yourself, don’t let anyone convince you of how you should deliver, just do what feels right for you. The rest is just details.”

Lisa from Live Like a Nutritionist

I have given birth to four babies naturally, including my twins in 2013. They were born very quickly before the doctors arrived; I experienced lots of happy adrenaline and some post-birth trauma over stitches and a post-partum haemorrhage. On a practical note for recovery, I recommend drinking lots of water and eating stool-softening fruit. If you feel at all traumatized by your birth experiences, I wholeheartedly recommend talking it through with trusted friends and professionals – it can really help.

Elizabeth from What Mama Knows

“I had a natural birth with my son in July 2015. Emotional recovery after childbirth took just as much time and energy as the physical recovery. I wish someone had told me the little things like how there is no shame in not attending church for months after baby is born and that when someone offered to bring over a meal, I could say yes without guilt! I felt a lot pressure (put on by myself) to rush to return to a normal routine rather quickly, as if I had not just experienced a huge life change. Rest up mamas, you deserve it!”

“I have delivered 4 babies naturally. All of the adrenaline and excitement you feel afterwards make it really difficult to rest, but you need to let your body recover. Allow friends and family to help you with other children, with cooking meals, and with household chores. You can return the favor by giving them your beautiful baby to snuggle while you take a much deserved nap!”

Sam from Modern Day Hippie Mama

“With both my boys, I had a vaginal delivery in a hospital. Both times I experienced perineal tears, that were very painful, and had to be stitched. I discovered that taking very warm showers or baths gave me temporary relief from the pain and burning sensation. I did this frequently until they finally healed.”

Crystalyn from The Prudent Housewife

“I have brought three beautiful babies into this world via c-section.  While my third delivery was certainly the most traumatic (I experienced post-delivery hemorrhaging and had to be rushed back into surgery!), it was also my easiest recovery.  I would credit two things for contributing to my smoothest recovery.  The first was to not letting my pain medication wear off – trying to catch up on pain meds is no joke.  The second lesson I learned was to get up and start walking as soon as possible.  I took it slow and used the bassinet as a walker, but it significantly sped up my recovery time.”

Jenny from The Crafty Organized Mom

“Get a HUGE water bottle with a straw, keep it filled and drink nonstop. I had my son via C-section in November of 2016. After surgery, I was horrified to find my legs and feet swollen like balloons. Plus, I was sweating nonstop to the point where I had to lay on towels (so glamorous). I drank water CONSTANTLY to replenish fluids and offset the swelling.”

Kimba from Den and Sky

 “When I was bringing my daughter into this world in 2013 no one told me that I was getting an episiotomy. The stitches were a pain to say the least, but my saving grace was the witch hazel pads provided by the hospital to line my underwear. If you can’t find witch hazel pads in the stores postpartum- I myself only recently came across a package at my local grocery store- cotton pads soaked in witch hazel works just as well.”

Sheyla from The Momma Chronicles

“I gave birth eight times in a hospital setting.  For my ninth baby, we decided to try our local birth center.  The quality of care was so high and being able to go home shortly after birth was a key factor in my quick recovery.  Resting in my own bed was the best thing.  Explore your options when it comes to giving birth. A great ending often starts at the beginning.”

Corinna from The Mommy Clause

“My son was born at just over 36 weeks via induction in September 2015. Even though I had a traditional (and relatively easy) birth, I ended up realizing very early on that I would have trouble sitting for several weeks. So my advice is: carry a pillow everywhere, walk as much as possible after you give birth, and don’t hesitate over the stool softener.”

Michelle from Writing Between Pauses

“I gave birth to my daughter via c-section in 2016. As I was recovering, I didn’t want to accept help from anyone! As a single mom I was determined to do everything myself, and I was doing more harm than good for my recovery. Don’t do what I did! Accept help where you can get it and let your body heal-it won’t make you a bad mom.”

Audrey from Perfected In Weakness

“I experienced a third degree tear during birth, which made for stitches inside and out. I found that drinking a green smoothie (spinach, frozen fruit, Greek yogurt, and almond milk) helped make going number two a little bit easier.”

Pam of Hodge Podge Moments

“Let go of how you think it should be, how people tell you it should be or what you “should” do.  Give yourself a pass…bouncing back is overrated.  I recommend just embracing the chaos…don’t get frustrated by the lack of sleep…just know you won’t sleep & you will survive.”

Alea from

“I delivered boy/girl twins via C-Section in 2014.  Our hospital stay was a whirlwind.  Medical staff came around the clock performing routine tests – repeatedly waking both babies.  Putting one newborn to sleep is challenging but two – impossible.  My husband and I were up for 96 hours straight! That isn’t the way you want to start life with twins!   My tip is to speak up to hospital staff and request some no-interruption time so that you and your babies can get some much needed sleep!”

Marianne from The Marv Mis

“I have had three babies all born at home with a midwife. I found recovery was greatly improved by keeping the baby and all their stuff as close to me as possible. Instead of having a nursery, I had a bassinet and changing table set up in my room so I didn’t have to move around much. Resting was my priority and not having to go to another room for a diaper or change of clothes in the middle of the night was a great help.”

Emma from Kids, Cash and Chaos

“My planned natural water birth in 2015 didn’t quite go the way I’d hoped, when I was induced with syntocinon, had an epidural that didn’t work, jumped to 10cm dilated in 5 hours, had a failed ventouse, and emergency intervention when bub’s heart rate dropped suddenly. I wouldn’t wish the resulting episiotomy and forceps delivery on anyone. It’s great to have a plan, but even more important to go into the experience with an open mind, and accept that sometimes things will change. And that’s okay.”

Lisa from

“I gave birth to my daughter via csection and was blessed to have a vbac with my
son. Preparation is key to recovery. Prepare as much as you can before baby arrives.
You will not want to cook or clean after your sweet baby is in your arms.”

Joanna from Hooked on a Ginger

“I had a natural birth without an epidural delivering my son in 2014. I
was able to recover quickly because I took the time to take care of
myself. I made sure that the first couple of months I was eating
healthy, drinking a lot of water and sleeping whenever I had the
opportunity. It was important for me to take care of myself so I could
take care of those around me.”

Jessica from intentional in life

“I have given birth twice naturally. Especially the second time, I took
the opportunity during the first week to sleep as much as I could.
Newborn babies often sleep quite a lot, and it can be a great time to
recover a bit. After a few weeks – or even after just one week for some
babies, they are more awake, more demanding and eat more often. So give
yourself some sleep right after birth!”

Paula from Easy baby Life

“My son was born via vaginal birth and weighed 9 pounds.  After he was born, I had bad hemorrhoids on top of 2nd degree tears.  It was painful to even sit.  I asked the nurses for advice, and was given a small, inflatable donut to sit on.  I used it for a week or so until the swelling went down.”

Caitlin from Rogers Party of 5

“I had very quick, unmedicated births with both of my daughters, and was home from hospital 4 hours after delivery.  To ease the swelling, and discomfort I would bath twice daily with warm water, epsom salt, and lavender essential oil.  Then apply a water and lavender oil frozen pad.  I healed up in no time!”

Kait from Kaits Place

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