50+ Questions You Must Ask During your

General Hospital Questions

  • Where is the best place to park and entrance to use when we arrive at the hospital? Are there only certain entrances that are open during late night hours?
  • Where should our guests park when they come to visit?
  • What are the food options for my partner and our guests? What are the hours of these options? Can we bring in outside food?
  • Is there wireless internet available in the hospital?

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Room Logistics

  • Are there separate sections for laboring mothers and post-delivery? If so, are the spaces private or shared?
  • If shared, is it possible for me to request a private room? Is there additional cost for a private room?
  • Are all of the rooms similar to the one being shown on the tour?
  • On average, how many woman are checked into the labor and delivery floor each day?
  • Is the L&D floor ever full? If so, what happens?
  • Is there a space for my partner to sleep in my room with me?
  • Is this a teaching hospital? If so, can I request that students or residents not be active in my labor and delivery?
  • What are the food options provided for mothers?
  • Details on the NICU Unit- what level NICU is it? Where is it located?

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Labor and Delivery Questions

  • Are mothers initially examined before checking in if their water has not broken? If so, where does the exam take place? What are the requirements to be checked in? Do you have to be dilated to a certain point?
  • Once I am checked in, who will be allowed in the labor room? Partner? Midwife? Family? Is there a limit as to how many people can be in the room?
  • Am I able to eat or drink while in labor? What are the options?
  • What pain management options are available here?
  • What percentage of births at this hospital are natural, with no pain management intervention?
  • Who should I give my birth plan to?
  • If my birth plan includes equipment that you do not provide at the hospital, can I bring my own?
  • Are there any common requests seen in a birth plan that are not allowed at this hospital?
  • Can I play music in my hospital room?
  • Am I able to control the lighting in the room when the Doctor is not performing exams?
  • What type of fetal monitoring is offered at this hospital? Do you have wireless and if so, it the mother able to be mobile while on wireless?
  • Am I able to bring my own labor and delivery gown or do you require we use hospital issued?
  • What are the policies on skin-to-skin? Can it happen immediately after birth? For both natural birth and c-section.

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Postpartum Questions

  • In the case that my baby needs to be examined after birth, will he or she be taken out of my room? In what scenarios would I be separated from my baby?
  • What medications or shots does your hospital give as standard practice? How can I elect out of these for my baby if we are not comfortable with it?
  • Is there a lactation consultant on site 24 hours a day?
  • Do you provide breast pumps in the case that they are needed?
  • What is the hospitals views on formula feeding? Do they support it?
  • In what cases would my baby not be with me immediately following delivery?
  • Are those circumstances different if I have a C-section?
  • How soon will I be able to do skin-to-skin with my baby?
  • How soon will I be able to eat after delivery? (if not able to eat during labor)
  • What are the visiting hours? Is there a limit to the number of people? Are children allowed to visit?
  • What type of security is there to keep me and baby connected?
  • What type of security is there for non-patients entering the maternity wing?

Time to chime in mama’s! What other questions are on your mind that you are anxiously awaiting to ask the hospital?

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