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Postpartum care kit- all the essentials for after birth

When I look back at both of my pregnancies, the 9 months of carrying my babies felt pretty natural. Overall, I really enjoyed being pregnant.

The postpartum phase… that’s a different story. It was painful, strange, and just not my cup of tea.

Obviously, our lady parts get a lot of attention during this fragile time, and rightfully so. All of that care comes from the help of some must-have essentials.

Pads: Postpartum bleeding will happen for two to six weeks. During this time, pads will be a must. The amount of bleeding will decrease over time. While the hospitals are well knowns for their diaper-like pads, these just are not acceptable for multiple weeks. Hand down, the BEST pads for this time are Always Overnight Extra Thin, size 5.

The best postpartum pads

I’m telling yall, these are the least overpowering pads out there with the most absorption.  Keep in mind, you may be bleeding for up to a month and a half. I would suggest purchasing a few packs of these. You can find them on Amazon here. They are also what we recommend for the DIY Padiscle recipe. 

Underwear: Even though you’ve got a super strength pad on, there may still be minor leaks. Keep extra pairs of undergarments nearby to avoid you having to run half-naked through your house for a replacement pair.

Now, not all undergarments are acceptable here. While it may not seem appealing, you need some full-bottom, cotton, extra comfy panties. Somewhere along the line, these wonderful undies picked up the term “granny panties”. I’m not ashamed to say I have a drawer full of them and came to love them in my postpartum days. Considering they will go through a lot in those few weeks after birth, you shouldn’t spend a ton of money on them. Fruit of the Loom from Target will do just fine.

This brings me to a side thought: as a postpartum mama, don’t be afraid to truly make your bathroom YOURS. Our house is sadly without a half bath with the master on the first floor. This usually means when guests come over they use the master. But when it’s post-baby time, I kindly request everyone use the upstairs bath. I have been sure to communicate with my husband why this is important (for my comfort, obviously) and he is always right there directing guests upstairs.

Witch Hazel: if you’ve read the ugly side of pregnancy post, you know that one of the great gifts we are given for bringing new life into this world is hemorrhoids. I’m not going to go into more detail than that. Just purchase some pre-soaked witch hazel pads and thank me later.

how to get relief from hemmrhoids

Stool Softener: (*Be sure to discuss any medications you plan to take with your doctor prior to taking) After both of my pregnancies, I was instructed to take a stool softener every day until I had success. Again, not going to go into much detail here. Ask your doctor prior to delivery if this will be part of your postpartum care and if so, have their recommended brand of stool softener on hand.

Moist Wipes: *C-section Care*

If you do not deliver vaginally, you will still bleed. I like to have moist wipes close by to help me feel clean between showers. There are so many different varieties to choose from, just pick what fits your preferences (texture, scented or unscented, etc.)

Spray Bottles: If you deliver vaginally, using any sort of wipe, moist or not, can disrupt and cause discomfort to your stitches. That’s where this nifty peri spray bottle comes in.  It helps you get clean and comfortable without causing pain. 90% of the time, your hospital will give you one of these to take home. If you’d like to order an extra just to be safe, you can do so here. 

Care for your Stitches: while the idea of having stitches down there sounds scary, find comfort in knowing there are so many products to provide relief.

Earth Mama bottom spray is one of the most highly praised products I have found. If you don’t believe me, just read what other mamas have to say about it on Amazon.  You can use this spray as often as needed after using your Peri spray bottle. it is an all-natural product that includes witch hazel, antibacterial lavender, and peppermint essential oils to help give you a cooling feeling.

Earth mama bottom spray for postpartum relief

Another option is Dermoplast spray. This stuff works great!. The words “life saver” are often associated with this product. You can purchase a bottle of it here or at your local drug store and breath a sigh of relief knowing that no matter how things turn out (stitches or no stitches), you’ll be prepared!

Dermoplast- postpartum spray for pain relief from stitches

Last but not least, remember that this is temporary. If you are reading this while in the final home stretch of your pregnancy, I know how scary it is. I was once there too. But I promise you, once you have your little baby here, it will all be worth it. Do what you can to be prepared and know that it will all pass in time.

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