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Old Wives' Tales to help predict your baby's gender!

Old Wives Tales for Gender Prediction

Is the anticipation killing you? Are you having a BOY or a GIRL?!

Maybe you’re only a few weeks along in your pregnancy. Maybe you agreed to wait to find out until delivery. But, you can’t help but wonder if your little bump is a boy or girl! Until the big reveal, here are some old wives tales to think over.

Morning Sickness

Old wives tale has it that if you are struggling with morning sickness, it is most likely a girl. Not so sick? Boy.

What’s your Bump Telling You?

It is all in the belly. After about 4 months or so, your bump could reveal the gender by how you are carrying. If you are “all belly”, it’s a boy. If your weight is more dispersed, than it is a girl. Also, the placement of your bump could tell you gender. Belly bumps that are lower, are boy. Belly bumps that are high, are girl.

Pickles or Chocolate?

Cue the cravings! The midnight snack you’re sneaking from the pantry could tell you if you’re having a boy or girl. Looking for something sweet? Think girl. Rather have something salty? Think boy.


That wonderful sound of a baby’s heartbeat can also help you determine baby’s gender. Wives tale has it, if baby’s heart rate is often above 140 beats per minute, you’re expecting a girl. If the heartbeat is 140 beats per minute or less, you’re expecting a boy.

A Case of the Dropsies

Are you feeling clumsy? It turns out if you are feeling more accident prone, you should plan for a boy. If yore’s feeling pretty coordinated still, plan for a girl.

All Those Burps

The dreaded heartburn that has you reaching for your antacids could be a sign you’re carrying a girl. If you haven’t noticed much heartburn, it is a boy.

Blame It On The Hormones

If you are feeling a bit more emotional than usual, perhaps especially moody, you’re likely to be expecting a girl. If you’re keeping it even keel, you’re likely to be expecting a boy.

Pregnancy Glow

If you’re receiving lots of compliments of your glowing skin, you may be having a boy. If you’re seeking all acne regiments, it sounds like it is more likely a girl. Some like to say “girls steal your beauty.”

Long Locks

If you are feeling fresh out of a shampoo ad with luscious locks, all things point to boy. If you’re still waiting for the gorgeous hair to come, but your hair is instead dull and lifeless, all things point to girl. Once again, “girls steal your beauty.” This also relates to body hair. Perhaps you’re feeling like you can’t keep up with your shaving regiment, think blue. If you don’t notice a change, plan for a girl.

Take a Test

Time for another test, except this one doesn’t involve peeing on a stick! Place a ring on a string. Have someone else hold it over your belly. If the ring moves in a circle, you’re having a girl. If the ring moves side to side, you’re having a boy.

Linea Nigra

Your belly may develop a darker line from your belly button, called the linea nigra. If this line extends above your belly button, start thinking blue. If this line stays below your belly button, start thinking pink.

It’s All in the Way you Lay

If you are a right side sleeper while pregnant, you are more likely having a girl. Laying on the left? Boy!

Get Garlic-y

This test could get kind of stinky. This old wives tales says if a pregnant woman eats a lot of garlic and doesn’t smell like it after, she is having a girl. If she eats a lot of garlic and it seeps out her pores, she is having a boy. Now, bring on the Italian!

Got Cold Feet?

If you just can’t seem to get your tootsies warm, you’re likely to be carrying a boy. If you haven’t notice a chill in your toes, you’re likely to be carrying a girl.

Chinese gender prediction calendar

While some studies have shown the calendar to be up to 93% accurate, most studies say it is about 50% accurate. I tried it with my 3 kids, and it got 2 out of 3 correct!

I hope you enjoy trying out these fun old wives tales. Be sure to write down your prediction for each one, and see if your total is mostly girl or boy. And then once you know the gender, see if they were right!

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